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  1. I absolutly agree. Challenge is it is part of a museum collection and they have to find a museum first for it, then if no takers it goes to auction. However, auction companies up here really don't like to touch this stuff as it doesn't get much money for them to make anything on. Any advice I can pass onto them would be great.
  2. The challenge with this material is it is part of museum collection that they are getting rid of and there isn't a lot of museum's in Canada that would want this stuff. The auction companies are very hesitant in selling this stuff up here, so there next bet is to scrap it. I would really hate to do this as I think it should go back into the collector community. Any advice would be helpfully that I can pass onto them.
  3. Helping a colleague clean up a yard and they have a 1951 Nash Rambler convertible top only. Looks like the top and dash were the only thing saved. They are likely going to scrap it, but would like to know if it is worth anything or should it be saved?
  4. Helping a colleague clean up a yard and they have a 1918 Hudson Super Six chassis that is in rough shape. He is thinking that it will go to scrap. Is it worth saving? What would it be likely worth?
  5. I am helping doing some clean up at a colleagues yard and he has some 1927 LaSalle parts that he is thinking of sending to scrap. Are these worth anything or should I tell him to send them to scrap. His LaSalle is restored and complete. What would something like this be worth? I believe they are for a sedan and he does have the chassis too.
  6. Well for our purposes, this car will likely never be driven as it has a big hole in the side of the block and would require a complete body-off restoration. For the immediate time, a new one would be a lot to invest in car that will likely never get restored. We just need to be able to put the wheel back on so we can move it around easily. So used would certainly be fine for this instance.
  7. Thanks for the info. Do you know of a source to find another one? Does not have to be a new one, just need to be able to move the car around on four wheels.
  8. We are looking for a source for a replacement rear axle for our 1932 McLaughlin-Buick Model 32-8-66C Convertible Coupe. Apparently, when it was last run over 50 years ago, it through a rod, which resulted in the rear left axle to shear right off. If anyone can point me in the direction of a replacement, it would be very much appreciated. Also, any interchange for these with other GM products?
  9. I am in need of help decoding the VIN on a Dodge A100. The tag says it is a Canadian-built example and the number is A1A2979344.
  10. jcuffe79

    Stutz radiator

    Looking to find out what year this radiator is from. Can anyone help?
  11. I am looking to find any information on the production records related to McLaughlin-Buick trucks from 1910-1917. We are trying to do some research on a piece in the collection, a 1917 McLaughlin-Buick Light Delivery truck. I have been told that there were on two dozen produced and that most of them were sent overseas for the war effort. If anyone can point me in a good direction to find this information, it would be very much appreciated.
  12. We are looking for 1951 Hudson parts for our Pacemaker. Can anyone direct me towards a source for a rear truck light/lock piece?
  13. I have received a photo of a vehicle that I am stymied on. Can anyone help me identifiy it?
  14. My main goal for the lamp is to clean it up and if necessary do some minor repair to have it displayed on a bracket in my office at home or at work. The one main problem I am having with the disassembly is the brackets that hold the reflector in the back of the pot are so rusted in that I can't get them out to clean behind it. Any suggestions? Or would it be best to leave it be?
  15. Thanks for the all the advice. Here are some pictures of the carbide headlight that I picked up.
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