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  1. It is a 221 cid, 6 cylinder Buick/GMC engine, circa 1929. actual manufacturing date is 1933, for a Yellow Coach taxi, model 0-14 Apparently called a "standard" series or 40 series car engine. These were built by buick and used in GMC vehicles when Buick went to 8 cylinder engines in their cars. Carburetor is a Marvel 10-176 or 10-177.
  2. Seeking the control rod that connects the heat valve to the carburetor, Crankcase "fresh air" intake funnel, and/or the entire carburetor, air tube, heat valve assembly. Thanks Lance Alfieri
  3. Thanks everyone, NOW, I find that I need the control rod and end that goes between the valve on the exhaust, to the side of the carburetor, it controls the heat to the intake. Also, need the "funnel" that directs air into the oil fill/breather assembly. Also could use the dash mounted heat/.choke panel and rods that go to the carburetor. These parts fit 28, 29 "standard" series, 6 cylinder engines. Would also consider buying the entire carburetor, heat valve, air tubes assembly.
  4. YES, the "good car" is mine. I only know of 3 Generals in total that still exist in complete form. The gentleman you refer to bought a car that parts were scavenged off of for mine back in the late 80's. There were 2 of them on a farm in St Joseph, Missouri. I got the good one that was in a barn, the other was in a field rotting away.PS, the other 2 complete cars belong to museums, one in the USA one in Alberta, Canada.
  5. Yes, distributor # is Delco 4106 Main engine block # 066760 cylinder section # 066626 dated 03-15 I assume the 15th week of 1933. Engine serial # in one of the photos below. Thanks lance
  6. Thanks for the info, but my engine has a centrifugal distributor, there is NO advance lever. The firing order is helpful, do you have any later GMC data? mine is made in 1933. Thanks! Lance
  7. I have a Buick/GMC 221 6 cylinder engine in a 1933 0-14 taxicab, made by General Motors Tuck division. The engine, I'm told, has its origin in 1929-30 Bick "standard" series cars. I am in need of any technical material that may be out there, including, the firing order, (I'm told it is NOT the conventional 154362 of a 6 cylinder). Also need to know where the timing mark is, I do not have a hole in the bell housing, nor do I see any mark on the crank pulley. Whatever you may know, or have will help my restoration greatly Thanks lance
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