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    LEBONCOIN Makes it almost impossible for those outside France to interact with sellers. In addition thy have no guarantee that you'll ever get your order like EBay. AND I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF BY LEBONCOIN BEFORE SENDING MONEY AND GETTING NOTHING!!!


    I have enough parts for all our French cars....... THANK GOD!


    Waaaaay East



  2. Hi


    I am in Poland. There are still many 126s alive and well. Just got a 126 for my wife to plunk around in. One owner, now 78, with 55,000kms, original good paint, ect just like you'd expect from a we'll kept one owner car. Paid US$500..... yes $500. I have seen people ask US$15,000! Please be careful ..... people ask some really stupid prices hoping for a fool. SORRY that is just the truth. 

  3. Phil 


    There was a cloverleaf in an old warehouse in Long Beach, Ca


    Building is gone but the cards still there somewhere. Everything belonged to the owner of a boat scrapyard


    I have a 1915 International MW there. Three blocks away I found another one sitting....... So much stuff in So Cal 


    I even found a 1937 BMW 328 engine block in Signal Hill one day.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Stuart Spicer said:

    Ok just a few things. Firstly we are not a dealer, we're a small privately owned English restoration company and we've spent the last 28 months meticulously restoring this beautiful car. We don't know what the car is worth – who does? The value is only dictated by how much someone is willing to pay for it. We've tried to find how much the last one sold for but can't find when the last one came to market, so we have to test the market. It’s as simple as that.


    So what your telling us is you worked on this for a couple years and don't have a clue what the finished product would be worth? Like I said.......

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  5. This all comes from the thought from some outside are that people here are just stupid. They are just not! 


    Please learn that lesson.


    I have see people post cars they don't own for several times the price the actual owner wanted ....... I am not suggesting that in this case here. Only that we are enthusiasts here not fools. I think the honest and tactful responses post in this thread PROVES THAT!!!!



  6. Thank you


    You have provides the info I needed to fill in one more gap.


    I am very happy that Mr Kuns owns the car now and has sorted the problems.


    My interest in the cars really started with the story in "OLD CARS" They are wonderful things.


    We have about 40 cars ..... I really don't count them. Most owned for many years. Take heart things go painfully slow and then one day you'll have "done" Seeing what you have done so far and so well I know the end result will be wonderful

  7. I have a lot of stick time in the 34 car when Brooks was alive ....... Road raced it many many miles. In proper trim the car is FIERCE! And has no brakes. it was fun pitching the car to slow it.


    About Gary's car......... The Brooks Steven car had original firewall and all the identity plaques ..... A Studebaker engineer made #34 into a street car. as I recall the conversion consisted of adding fenders. The car has the original engine, frame, Firewall. So what "body Parts"did Gary start with? At first he told me he had the car. Then I told him I'd driven the car at speed....... The he said Brook;s car was a re-body. Why would someone toss the original body and not the firewall?


    For GOD sake please make sure it will stop!


    Good luck with your project.





  8. You need to attach a vacuum gauge and adjust the carb's mixture screw to the highest vacuum. Get a UNISYN ...... Disconnect the linkage between the carbs and sync them with the throttle screws to the lowest idle speed. This really affects the mileage


    Once correct the vacuum should be pretty steady depending on several things including the cam your running


    I get about 18MPH with a built 302 GMC With the 228 I got well over 20


    Feel free to PM me if you still have questions

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