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  1. Hey, I don't know this guy, just was perusing the Texas area Craigslists. I'd go over there and pick up the car myself but I have nowhere to put it. $750 for a '65 Riv with a 425 Nailhead, sounds like a good parts car to me. Hopefully, this will benefit someone here: I just bought a '65 Riv "fixer-upper" for $2000 myself. Interior is good but needs a paint job and a couple of console pieces. Thought the 401 engine, brakes and tranny were all good. Numbers all match, car has 113,00 on it. Had a certified mobile mechanic look it over with me but it just broke down a mile from home tonight after having a full tune-up, new valve cover gasket, and new radiator cap put on two days ago. White smoke smelling like burning rubber or plastic (didn't smell like anti-freeze) came pouring out from underneath the engine near the passenger side door and into cab through the vents. Too dark to do repairs so I'll just have to tow her home in the morning. Thank you for AAA Plus! I'm guessing the melt down had something to do with replacing the valve cover gasket, something to do with the oil separator, or maybe the heater core? Guess I'll bring in someone with more expertise than myself. Thoughts welcome from anyone here. Trying to comprise a "to do" list of maintenance on this car.