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  1. Iam parting out a 1949 windsor 2 door , email me for requested parts. mhotes@hotmail.com car is in Tacoma Washington
  2. I am parting out a 1949 windsor 2 door, Parts availble, hood,front fenders,seats, the whole drive train , etc etc mhotes@hotmail.com car located in Tacoma washington
  3. Any know of the modern part# for a cap, rotor, points, condensor for 1949 new yorker with a 323 straight 8 , autolite dist # IAR-4101-1
  4. I have a 1949 new yorker with 323 straight 8 any body know the current cap, rotor, condensor , points # are having a heck of a time locating them at the local parst stores. dist# IAR04101-1 autolite
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