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  1. Thank you. I will reach out to them in hope that they can help
  2. I have a 1930 Auburn which uses an Electrolock type 9-A. Does anyone have any leads on either replacement cylinder, the rebuilding of the cylinder, or perhaps an entire replacement working unit? Thanks
  3. Looking for the "flame arrestor" / air cleaner adapter for my Schebler UX51 carb - photo attached. Please call Neal at 951-833-2835 or email at ziffamily@verizon.net Thanks
  4. Trying to locate parts and advice to rebuild the master brake cylinder for my 1930 8-95 Auburn. Need the boot as well as the 3 cups. Thanks, Neal
  5. I need to find a replacement for an old Purolator oil filter off of my 1930 Auburn 8-95. I heard there was an aftermarket "take-apart" style, but I can't find a source for anything that will work. Any help would be appreciated.
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