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  1. hi: you still looking for parts i ran across one at a dismantling yard a few weeks back . i pulled the windshield stainless . i was there today and there are still parts on it , but its looks like its near its end . unless they plan to go around it, it's got a week to a week and 1/2 left. let me know what you need i can check it out my e-mail is damianhilll@yahoo.com
  2. hi: i recently ran across a 35 jag that is nearing it's end . a wrecking yard is getting ready to crush her.i hate see classics go like this ,so Ive been trying to pull some parts .if any one needs any if you give me a list i could see if the parts are still available . i was down there today and noticed someone has pulled the valve covers the Eng looks like it had just been rebuilt. i just started listing a few parts on ebay,or i should say fee-bay.it looked like someone had been restoring it and stopped years ago. the chrome is in real nice shape over all all the original wood was descent .unfortunately someone has busted up allot of it .so if any one has interest in old jaguar parts I'm willing to pull them and ship them before this classic is no-more my email is damianhilll@yahoo.com
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