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  1. Greetings! I have my Mom's bone stock, always garaged 68 Concours Coupe. Mom was original owner. If you'd like pictures I can send them to you. Since I have this rare, weird Chevelle, I've learned alot about it. It was an Luxury option on Malibu Coupe in 68. It has a Concours emblem on the steering wheel, (black and tan rectangle with a "fleur de lis" on top, (also the center cap in the 14 inch stainless steel wheel covers have the same black background concours emblem. Buick GS400 Interior, with a fold down center arm rest. It has the long door armrests 16 inch, Concours emblems on front fender sides, Concours nameplate on decklid, with the extremeley rare die cast finned trim piece between the brakelights. Concours optioned cars and wagons had a fake woodgrain plate with "Concours" on it above the glovebox. Wheel opening trim is painted black in the center, and other chevelle options were thrown into the bargain, vinyl top, (mine still has the original) bumper guards, extra cost motor 327. GM Did'nt really acknowledge much in the way of literature on this wierd trim package of 68 Chevelle. Baby is Butternut yellow, If you have any questions about it let me know, I am happy to be of help...e-mail me concerning this weird Chevelle variant, and if you have more info about it please let me know: concours@mindspring.com
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