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  1. This is great,just what I need thank you Hinkley and everyone who contributed to this search. oldgraycar
  2. thanks for the info. I will look into finding this book, thanks, oldgraycar
  3. Sorry its taken a so long to update on the 55' savoy. Heres what I have found. This Savoy is really "Plaza Suburban". my friend found his title. he bought in 81'. So we would still would like to find out anything posible. thanks again for previous information. thanks oldgraycar
  4. Thanks for the info.on the plymouth. My friend that has this car seems sure its a Savoy. I will try to reach him and confirm .He has told me he has all the chrome to go on it, so it should be easy to find out for sure.thanks again. oldgraycar
  5. I'm trying to find some info on a 1955 Plymouth Savoy. how many were made, and option list.anything will help thanks . oldgraycar.
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