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  1. What does the V12 community know about the trunk carpet sets being offered for sale by Klasskollections on EBay for $350? Are they any good?
  2. V12 Bill - I need the whole shooting match. Phil, I've been a member of LCOC since the early 90s following the purchase of my 54 Cosmopolitan and yes I share your bewilderment in their fascination with late model Lincolns! I'm pleased to say I joined LZOC shortly after acquiring the cabriolet. Dave Cole recommended Dan to me but I'm yet to hear back from him (I emailed him last week at Danscolumbia@verizon.net - does that sound right?) I've also been given John Connelly's name (also in Temecula) and he has an axle from a 37 LZ but I'm led to believe that the speedo take-off is at the axle on this year and not up front on the actuating unit attached to the steering box as on the 40. Any other leads gratefully received in getting my car its correct running gear. By the way - is that the square at Paso Robles? I wanted to add a picture but I can't work out how although it is on Pete Birtles UK GOF posting
  3. I bought a 40 Continental Cabriolet 2 years ago and shipped it here to England. Its not the greatest example (thats how I could afford it) and a lot of parts had been robbed from it during its "restoration" in the mid seventies. Needless to say the whole of the Columbia set up (except the dash knob and the cable behind it) are missing. The Ford axle that was put in its place now has issues and I figure it is time to re-instate the original. Can anyone help/point me in the right direction?
  4. Thanks for posting the pics Pete. So can we get into double figures next year? Maybe a Euro GOF! Thank you Pete Smith for the key fobs - a great gesture that didn't deserve a cracked manifold.
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