Series 12 Instruction Book Is now Published

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The Series 12-A & 12-B instruction manual is now published by The H.H. Franklin Club and is available from on-line booksellers such as amazon


Look it up by its ISBN 978-1543056211


Club publications (so far) are

S-11 Parts M-27-03 isbn 978-1500482176 /150048217X
S-12 Parts M-28-04 isbn 978-1540373564 / 1540373568
S-12 Instructions M-28-02 isbn 978-1543056211 / 1543056210
135/137 Instructions M-29-03 isbn 978-1530145515 / 1530145511
The Franklin Automobile Co. 978-0979584145 / 0979584140


The Library has reproduction manuals and parts books available for most Franklin Models, check the website for details. (We publish books when we run out of stock of reproductions.)



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I see that the Series 12 book includes a "Mechanics Instructions" section. Is this like the Repairs and Adjustments section of the Series 11 book, or more detailed in terms of how to do xxxxx


Is there a Series 11 "workshop manual" that might describe such things are removing the engine, or dismantling the gearbox or other such mechanical operations?





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The instructions in the S-12 manual are similar to those in the S-11 Manual and will get you down to the "grinding-valve" or "setting the timing gear" level but a detailed workshop manual in the modern sense was not issued by the factory. There is a separate "Troubleshooter's" book for S-9/S-10 and a "Hints and Suggestion" for 1903 to Series-1. The Parts books will let you find the numbers to look up factory drawings that the Club has.





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