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  1. ians old 27

    1927 6-27 pontiac

    hi any one know were to get a recon or new old stock water pump for my 6-27 Pontiac
  2. ians old 27

    1927 6-27 pontiac

    yes sorry I believe they made steel upgrades for this mode there was a 1927 luna barnfind on internet about 6 weeks ago and he had 2 sets for 20 inch wheels out of interest how much for wood spoke ones
  3. ians old 27

    1927 6-27 pontiac

    anyone out there got a set of solid wheels for 1927 627 Pontiac
  4. ians old 27


    hi I put a post on for some 1927 Pontiac parts got contacted by a member 060 thought it was strange when every part I requested he had parts very cheep and only take money gram as payment I'm sorry if I'm wrong but be carful can any one vouch or comfirm if he is lagit
  5. ians old 27

    1927 6-27 pontiac

    thanks for your reply now I know that some one has not just drild 2 hols in my block I can get welch plug and sort it out
  6. ians old 27

    1927 6-27 pontiac

    hi I have 1927 poniac six flat split flat head had to take manifold off found 2 holes filled in with silicon any one know what they are for or have picture of engine block just under valve covers in line with carb thanks
  7. ians old 27

    1927 6-27 pontiac

    has anyone got or know of a pitman arm for 27 Pontiac for sale
  8. ians old 27

    1927 6-27 pontiac

    hi do anyone know were I might get a pitman arm from
  9. ians old 27

    Old Gm puller

    ok thanks will sort something out and if I do I will share
  10. ians old 27

    Old Gm puller

    It's part of the forging
  11. ians old 27

    Old Gm puller

    hi between you replying I found someone that makes them so I orderd one from him and with the distance from me to you it would be a weak or more befour I could get down to you so I will say thanks for your help and let you know how this works out with the hub puller . I have a new question you may be able to help me with I need a pitman arm for the old girl its the type with a 1inch ball on the end at 90 degrees ?
  12. ians old 27

    plug lead ends

    any one out there that knows were to get crimp on ends for copper ht leads 90 degree for cap with cover and brass round for plug end and coil lead ends thanks
  13. ians old 27

    Old Gm puller

    I feel that if I use Ozstatman's type with the spokes being loose it could damage them so I will keep trying to get right one thanks in Australia we don't have the same resources as the us were they was made if I broke a wheel I would have to find one in us none here
  14. ians old 27

    Old Gm puller

    hi had a look at these so called pullers they are axil thread protectors they fit on the axil and you bash it with big hammer not a good idea with wood wheals
  15. ians old 27

    Old Gm puller

    Yep sorry 1927 pontiac 2 dour six cylinder and 6 threads and there is only . 5 of a inch in total