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  1. 1931 shock absorber

    How much oil in shock absorbe on deoto 31 I opend them . They was emty.
  2. Oil seal desoto 1931 SA

    das someone know the part number on rear Axel drive pinion oil seal.and wher to by?
  3. Hood latch Desoto 1931

    I am looking for one of this .
  4. Light switch 31

    Thank you
  5. Light switch 31

    The Numbers on the switch i the same. Can i have a picture from the other side. If it is a problem to by,i must try to reper.
  6. desoto roadster 31

    I do not know the the number on the switch. As you can see in the Picture, it is a missing part of the plate with contacts
  7. desoto roadster 31

    I am restoring a DeSoto 31 in Norway,and ar looking for 2 hub cups and light switch.