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  1. Per Mysen

    Hood latch Desoto 1931

    No.I did not.
  2. Should it be rubber between engine and frame on the engine mount in the front
  3. Per Mysen

    tourque Desoto 31 SA 6

    I find on the net that the torque for head bolts are 60-65. con.rod 45-50 and main bearings 75-80 lbs. Is this ok. And what is the valve clearanse on this engine
  4. Per Mysen

    desoto roadster 31

    I find 2 places on frame. Both left side. Front.htm Back.htm
  5. Per Mysen

    desoto roadster 31

    I removed all the old paint, and i cant find any black. The number on the engine is the same that i find on the chassis. Is this not an 1931 modell?
  6. Per Mysen

    desoto roadster 31

    I have some questions about my car. The first picture is from a advertisement i find on net of the same car. The car had then been painted and placed on an museum in Arisona. It come to Norway in 2015. It has now been taken apart ,sandblasted, and i have started building it up again. I wonder if the color on the car and the engine is right. When i washed the engine, it was geein under the blue.
  7. Per Mysen

    1931 shock absorber

    How much oil in shock absorbe on deoto 31 I opend them . They was emty.
  8. Per Mysen

    Oil seal desoto 1931 SA

    das someone know the part number on rear Axel drive pinion oil seal.and wher to by?
  9. Per Mysen

    Hood latch Desoto 1931

    I am looking for one of this .
  10. Per Mysen

    Light switch 31

    Thank you
  11. Per Mysen

    Light switch 31

    The Numbers on the switch i the same. Can i have a picture from the other side. If it is a problem to by,i must try to reper.
  12. Per Mysen

    desoto roadster 31

    I do not know the the number on the switch. As you can see in the Picture, it is a missing part of the plate with contacts
  13. Per Mysen

    desoto roadster 31

    I am restoring a DeSoto 31 in Norway,and ar looking for 2 hub cups and light switch.