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  1. Engine color for 1929 Desoto K

    It is red now.#on head 40886 1 Silver Dome,# on block 40829-3.Some sources say that block should be black with silver on head.
  2. Lighting switch for 29'-30' Desoto K

    Any ideas on where to get this switch or is there a suggested replacement? Got the new wiring harness and need a switch. Thanks Gary
  3. 29' DeSoto clutch problem

    richasco, Thank you for the info.I did check today and you are correct,the throwout is frozen.I started trying to move it a bit at a time.
  4. 29' DeSoto clutch problem

    I noticed no resistance on the clutch pedal while working on some wiring under dash.Through the inspection hole for transmission I can see the lever from the pedal,it moves freely but doesn't touch clutch assembly.Looks to be frozen to fly wheel.This car has not been driven in over 40 years.Any ideas on how to free the clutch disk up?
  5. Very good day here at the garage.Thanks to many in this group who stepped up and helped me thru some car problems.Had the carb rebuilt and she fired up on the first try.Because of the condition of the car when I got it I have some wiring questions.Most everything is cut off or pulled out at the dash panel.The ignition setup is different than the book shows.The coil is mounted on the engine.What is the best way to wire an ignition switch to be able to shut the engine off?Today I had to shut down the fuel pump. As always Gary
  6. Looking for replacement carburetor for 1929 Desoto 6 cyl.Any suggestions for a replacement that would work is much appreciated.
  7. Carter BB-1 carb float needed

    Looking to buy new float for Carter BB-1,model 245SD.The one I have has been repaired to many times.Any help would be appreciated.Mine uses pin mount not clip. Gary
  8. 6 volt fuel pump for 29' DeSoto K

    Just installed a Airtex E8902 fuel pump on my car.I'm trying to understand the pressure required.Like so many things on this car I need to learn more.How do I know if I would need a regulator? After the engine starts what happens with pump,does it stop once float shuts off flow? Thank you Gary
  9. Looking for replacement fuel pump.
  10. 29' DeSoto starter problems

    Sometimes I get ahead of myself with problems.I re-installed starter,I had been hooking it up backwards.Now connected the right way engine turns over great.I have been working on this alone,I guess I need to take more care in what I;m doing.
  11. 29' DeSoto starter problems

    Seems like I can't catch a brake with this car.Had the starter rebuilt.put it in engine turned over several time then nothing.I have very heavy gauge cables now,new 6 volt battery,does the same thing.Tried 12volt to starter nothing.Pulled the starter again and bench tested,spin like crazy.Pulled the plugs,hand cranked no problem.It's a NE Electric starter model 58H.I have checked grounds and cables,everything seems to be good.I am getting very close to giving up.I need the engine to turn over to check spark and so on.
  12. Thanks for the info hwellens.Can you suggest a supplier for the parts?
  13. Finding it hard to find parts for this distributor.Any help?It appears it is Model TBU,type 10849.Very hard to read label.
  14. 6 volt battery questions

    I am going to look into the bigger cables.I guess I overstated the crank time,more like seconds.I am trying to figure out why no spark.I have 6 volts at coil.
  15. 6 volt battery questions

    Any suggestions on a GOOD brand of 6 volt batteries.Have bought 2 from TSC and neither one wants to run starter for more than a few minutes.I just had the starter rebuilt and bench test good.I've checked for additional draw but there is none.Both tested low on load test after trying to start engine.I really don't want to convert to 12 volt but if it is a better way to go then I might.Any help would be appreciated.My car is a 1929 Desoto K. 6 cyl.