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  1. GaryBudd

    29' DeSoto won't shut off.

    Well again I have to thank everyone who responded to my question.I changed out the points today,not only does my car start faster but also shuts down when the key is turned. Many many thanks. Gary
  2. GaryBudd

    29' DeSoto won't shut off.

    Fuel pump does shut down with key. I had to use electic pump because the original set up was missing.Thank you for the links.
  3. GaryBudd

    29' DeSoto won't shut off.

    Well the guys in this group walked me through getting my car started,now I need to know why it won't shut down with key in off position.I checked and the 6 volts to the coil is cut off with switch but car continues to run.I have to shut down electric fuel pump to stop it.I have checked my wiring and it is good by the wiring diagram. I swear some day I will get this car going.
  4. GaryBudd

    Replace points in 29' DeSoto K

    Procedure for replacing points set.Never done it and I just received new set.
  5. GaryBudd

    Point set for 1929 DeSoto K

    Spoke to Tom and yes he had my parts.Thank you cahartley.
  6. GaryBudd

    Point set for 1929 DeSoto K

    Looking for points for North East distributor.
  7. GaryBudd

    No brakes on my 29' DeSoto,ugh!!!!

    Well today I pulled the MC again and tried to bleed it again.I think I found my problem,it wouldn't bleed. Took it to a friend at a machine shop,he miked it up and found it had an oval spot. Going to order a new one tonite.Thank you to all responses.
  8. GaryBudd

    No brakes on my 29' DeSoto,ugh!!!!

    Brakes are adjusted.I have done two man,single type with soda bottle and gravity. fluid moves thru the tubing but never without pockets of air.I pulled the wheels today to check for leaks but didn't find any.No leaks under car.
  9. GaryBudd

    No brakes on my 29' DeSoto,ugh!!!!

    Rebuilt MC,has been bleed.No leaks at wheel cylinders or any brake lines.Brakes adjusted.I can't seem to bleed them and I can't get back pressure on pedal.So frustrating,I have tried all kinds of bleeding but nothing seems to work.When pumped I do get fluid thru.
  10. GaryBudd

    Wood running boards?

    Have any of you tried making wood running boards? My 29' DeSoto K is my project car and I was thinking of making a set to stain the same as my wood wheels.If so what wood would be suggested?
  11. GaryBudd

    Split wheel question

    And this is why I ask.Thank you Maok.Seems I learn something new every day.Completed dismount and remount of new tire today.Thanks to the info.
  12. GaryBudd

    Split wheel question

    Got the tires off today,looks like I will need to replace just one.My question is on the rim,I see the clamp and need to know how to un-clamp.My best guess is to knock out the pin.I've enclosed a photo of the clamp.
  13. GaryBudd

    Carter BB1 adjustments

    Is there an adjustment for main metering screw?
  14. GaryBudd

    Carter BB1 adjustments

    Warm day here,so I decided to fire up the29' DeSoto.Started with full choke and did settle after moving choke half way.Stalls if fully closed.Any ideas? Also I still have a question about adjustment for main.I have enclosed a photo of the tee handle marked with orange arrow. Can't seem to find any info about it or it's adjustment.
  15. GaryBudd

    1929 DeSoto project, now a carb question

    Thank you carbking,this is exactly what I needed.