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  1. GaryBudd

    Steering box dissasemble ??

    Fortunately the shaft I was working on is a spare.I guess I need to realize my limitations. Stinks that I find myself in a position of working alone on this car.I think I will skip the steering shaft for now and continue on with other car projects. Thank you for your reply's.
  2. GaryBudd

    Steering box dissasemble ??

    Yes there was lateral movement.I think corrosion is the problem on the shaft,will clean it off today.Wasn't sure about worm gear removal,now I know to not try.
  3. GaryBudd

    Steering box dissasemble ??

    The hammer was for another fence job.I have the new bearings but couldn't figure out which way to go to remove the old.The bearings with the holes are very loose.Anymore suggestions?
  4. GaryBudd

    Steering box dissasemble ??

    Finally got the steering wheel off and have the shaft out.Need to replace bearings either side of worm gear.How does one do this.Should the worm gear come off? Or do I try to slid the full length of the shaft. I included teo photos of what I am looking at.
  5. GaryBudd

    Steering wheel removal?

    Been trying for a few days now and no progress.Soaked in penetrating fluid for 2 days but no movement.i have the nut off.Any ideas?
  6. GaryBudd

    29' DeSoto K steering problem

    I called today and spoke with George.He is sending me two of the bearings I need,very good company to do business with.Many thanks to Keiser31 for the info.
  7. GaryBudd

    29' DeSoto K steering problem

    OK,removed steering gear.Found rusty sludge inside.There are two bearings,one on each side of worm gear,they are worn and loose.Now for the fun part.They are marked The Bearing Company of Lancaster but no numbers.I have enclosed photos of bearing.Anyone have any idea where I could find replacements? 11/2" OD 15/16" ID.
  8. GaryBudd

    29' DeSoto K steering problem

    I called today.They don't have a replacement but would rebuild for $419.00.
  9. GaryBudd

    29' DeSoto K steering problem

    Well I have checked all front end parts and all seem tight.Steering box adjustments are at full adjustment.Looks like either a replacement box or a rebuild.Any suggestions on where I could have it done?
  10. GaryBudd

    29' DeSoto K steering problem

    First off I would like to let you know I have the DeSoto registered and inspected.We have enjoyed a few outings.My steering problem is wander while driving.Drifts left until corrected,then right.I have the front end on jack stands and have found about 3-4" of play in steering wheel without the front tires moving.I have enclosed a few photos of steering gear.Is there some type of adjustment there?I called a front end garage but they have no idea or specs to help me.Any help would be appreciated. Gary
  11. GaryBudd

    Balance wood spoke wheels

    How do you balance wood spoke wheels?
  12. GaryBudd

    Got the 29' out of garage today for first road trip.

    Spinneyhill, Please post instructions. Thanks Gary
  13. What a thrill it was to get to drive the car today.Still more work to do.I have some drift in the steering.Checked front end seems to be good,is there an adjustment I could make to take some of this out?
  14. GaryBudd

    Leak at rear end gaskets 1929 DeSoto K

    Using SAE 75w-110. Not overfilled.
  15. GaryBudd

    Leak at rear end gaskets 1929 DeSoto K

    My project for this week is giving the pumpkin a good cleaning to try to locate the leak.