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  1. While doing some work on my wiring I noticed a draw on the battery with ignition off. I chased it back to the generator.Any ideas on what is causing it? 29'DeSoto K.
  2. Finished up the wheel cylinders,good shoes.Any suggestions for what I might want to do with spindles before placing wheels?
  3. Source for wheel cylinder kits for 29' DeSoto

    The front cylinders have the step,rears are straight thru.
  4. Source for wheel cylinder kits for 29' DeSoto

    The bores look good on the front one I have off.Abit surprised to see two different sizes in the bore.One side is 1 1/2" the other side is 1 5/8"
  5. Finally got all the wheels off.Brake shoes look good but have a couple of wheel cylinders that are leaking.Looking for rebuild kits for them.
  6. Might be time to cut a wood wheel off

    Well as always you guys are right.I used a breaker bar with socket and allen head to load it up early this afternoon and let it be.Went picking apples with friends and just went to garage to check on things,gave it anther crank and wallah it creaked several times and off she came.Really don't know what I would do without you guys supporting this old guy. Many thanks Gary
  7. Might be time to cut a wood wheel off

    Brakes are backed off,wheel will turn.Enclosed a photo of my puller.Yes leaving it under load from puller.
  8. I've tried everything,heat,sledge hammer and three different penetrating fluids for three day now and it won't budge.It's the left rear. The other three came off with the puller I had made.Has anyone else had to resort to cutting? I have a spare wheel to replace it with.
  9. Wood wheel puller works great

    I went to local machine shop and had one made.They used the hub cap for thread size.I used it today and removed both fronts and one rear.One rear (left rear) is being difficult but we will get it.Now that I have them off is there a manual that comes close to what a 1929 DeSoto brake system? I know there is not a maintenance manual for my car.I have enclosed photos of wheel puller.
  10. What is best to use?
  11. Driveshaft removal 1929 Desoto

    Thanks to Keiser31,I contacted Jay Astheimer and it looks like he may be able to help me out.Very nice guy with quick response.I think I should start calling my car,our car because without this group I would be lost.
  12. Driveshaft removal 1929 Desoto

    Did get the transmission out today.No surprise,broken collar and seized throw-out bearing.I've enclosed some photos.Next question,where do I go for replacement parts? Transmission casing shows T2C-1,throw out bearing shows Nice Ball Bearing CO. Newtown Philla. #5068.
  13. Driveshaft removal 1929 Desoto

    have the driveshaft out,bolts removed from transmission.Hoped it come out but is firmly still attached to bell housing.Is there something else holding it? I have soaked the mating surfaces with penetrating oil. Don't want to break anything by helping with hammer.Thank you so much for your guidance.
  14. Driveshaft removal 1929 Desoto

    No u joints. I think it is as Keiser31 said.If all goes right I'll know in the morning.Just don't want to damage anything.Thanks to you both for the help.
  15. Driveshaft removal 1929 Desoto

    In order to get the transmission out for repair I have to remove driveshaft. I've never done this before so before I do it wrong I'll ask.