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  1. Just giving it some thought.I don't get to drive it as much anymore and it seems a shame to just leave it in my garage.Some ideas of what I might ask for it would be appreciated.Runs great.
  2. The wiper motor on my car mounts on the outside.The motor I have is from a Model t I think.It has the switch shown,I turned it on and piped the vacuum to it straight from the engine compartment,it works great.Now I have to find a valve for dash mount to turn it off.
  3. While searching thru some videos on wiper replacement I found the wiper motor that came with my car is from a Ford Model A.
  4. A few photos of what I have.It appears that the tubing goes from engine compartment to under the dash. From there it's tubing up to hole going to wiper mount on outside of windshield.
  5. When I got the car wiper motor was off the car. I've taken it apart,cleaned and lubed.I hooked it up off the car and it works.Now my question.How was it turned on and off? Maybe a valve on dash board? I don't see anything like that on mine.Any help/photos would be appreciated.
  6. Sorry so long getting back,so many things going on this year.My cable is approx. 60" long,had 1/8 " square end and small shaft with crimp in the end.
  7. Articifer, I actually have that cable if anyone needs it.Not the same as mine.
  8. I will get length soon been tied up with Holiday stuff.
  9. Thought I had one but no good,So does anyone have one to sell or know where I could find one?
  10. Just gt off the phone with Wayne Brandon @ Plymouth Doctor site and he was able to fix me up with a thermostat.What a nice guy.
  11. Finally found some time to look into overheating.After short trip temp goes to hot and coolant boils out radiator cap.I took the thermostat housing off today and found no thermostat. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a replacement? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Hoping you all have a wonderful Holiday.
  12. I've got the tractor back after fire damage.I put the loader on and it's time to figure out the hose routing for hyro control.The hoses were all burnt off .I've enclosed some photos to show what I have.Also how do I go about bleeding .
  13. I have the car in storage now.I hope to get it back in my garage after the first of the year.I will get photos then.Thank you for responses.
  14. Took the radiator out yesterday because of constant leaking.The shop tested it and sais the lower portion is shot.Anyone have options? I have looked and I can't afford a new one.