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  1. Fortunately I was able to find the part from a company in Chicago. Certified Auto Electric Inc,they are very friendly and willing to help.I'm back on the road again and loving it.
  2. OK,really appreciate the info. Can anyone direct me to where I might find one of these starters? I've looked in the usual places but nothing yet.
  3. Looking for starter for 1929 DeSoto K
  4. Apparently mine is a late 1929 K because it has a NE starter.Has anyone used a DR 714-j? I'm having no luck finding the clutch for NE starter.
  5. Unfortunately I'm not young and have tried cranking and I just can't do it.Does anyone know where I could find the part needed or another starter.
  6. Thank you for the info.Any idea where I might find a parts source?
  7. Starter not engaging,took it to rebuild shop and he can't locate drive motor clutch for it.Info on starter: Serial # 929,Model 58H,Type 6590-A 6 volt.The part # from my book shows 37832 Drive,motor clutch.Is there a starter from anything else that would work on my car? I have enclosed a photo of the part needed.I would love to be driving my car but that won't happen without starter.Thank you for any help.
  8. Sent mine to be rebuilt but goy is having trouble trying to find internal parts for NorthEast starter.Is there another starter that would work for me as a repacement?
  9. Thinking about adding a electric wiper to my 1929 DeSoto K.Any suggestions?
  10. Thank you for reply's.Should be set for now.
  11. I have a manual but the section on clutch adjustment section is stained and unreadable.Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Dave Fields,If you get a chance could you post a photo?
  13. Just wondering if anyone else has done this and some ideas to do it.I have looked the engine over and can't see where an attachment could be made.Thanks in advance.
  14. Happy to say,thanks to Jay Astheimer I have found a speedometer cable.Also removed steering column today and it's in the mail for rebuild.Thanks to all for your help.
  15. According to my parts manual the number for flexible shaft assembly is 79541.Tried looking one up but nothing found.