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  1. Any ideas on what this part might be from? I think it is a grille piece but there are no identification numbers to be found... Thanks for responses by the way!
  2. Any guesses on the application or brand of this part? Found it in boss's junk yard. He has a ton of old cars and trucks around.
  3. Auburnseeker, What do you mean by "the accessory banjo wheel horn ring"? Was it something that had to be special ordered when purchasing the automobile from the dealership? Thanks for responses so far. Appreciate it!
  4. Have a dealership emblem, I believe, for sale. Unsure of age, but looking at the rocket on the left of the name, it might be a 1950s? The dealership's name is Balistreri and was located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. When I researched the name, I found it has Italian mafia connections. I am not sure if this dealership would have been from the same family, but it is interesting I'd say. Also, if you have any additional information on this emblem, please let me know! Make me an offer. Thank you!
  5. Hey there Antique Auto Lovers, I've got a 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 Chevrolet steering wheel horn ring up for grabs on eBay. Check it out at my store Calvin's Corner Store or search for username Carnuts256 if you're interested. $155 starting auction with no reserve!
  6. Thank you, I checked site, but I don't see any that are really close to this skirt.. Any other suggestions?
  7. Thank you! I think you are right on.
  8. I found a part number on this fender skirt, but nothing comes up when I search for it. The number is 50K259. Any ideas on the identity of this skirt? Measurements are posted in pictures. Closest skirts I could find was for a Buick Oldsmobile.. Thanks in advance for any input.
  9. This pair of Fender Skirts might be from the late 50s to early 60s. Can anyone tell me what auto they may be off of? I have posted measurements in pictures. About 7" from center top to bottom and 34" across. Any info is helpful. Thanks!
  10. Anyone know what automobile these fender skirts came off of? I was told it was a 1940s or 1950s model.They measure about 9" from center top to bottom and around 31" across. I couldn't find any markings on them for a part number. The rubber on the top of them is stapled if that helps i.d. this pair of fender skirts. Any information would be great! Thanks!
  11. Was told when I purchased these that they were cowl lights for a 1930-31 Ford Model A. They actually are not.. Any idea what they came off of and approximately the year(s)? No part # found on them.. Any extra info is appreciated. Thanks!