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  1. Check out the original Fulton Sun Shield Sun Visor we found in the top of the barn at the junk yard. My boss says he remembers this visor was on a 1940s Chevrolet; 1946 specifically. Posted on eBay. If you'd like to see more pictures and want more information on this awesome accessory, please follow link below to check it out! If you'd rather see all of the items we have for sale in "Calvin's Corner Store", go to eBay and search for: carnuts256 Thanks & enjoy guys! Jamie Lee (Yooper Chick)
  2. Which Automobile did this Vintage Horn Ring come from?

    I found out which automobile to this horn ring came off of, a 1955-56 Chevrolet 150 or 210 series. Jamie B.
  3. Hello again guys! I found this horn ring in the barn loft. It looks a little bent and has no part # on it as far as I can see. Anyone wanna take a whack at which brand make, model, year this wonder is from? Thank yas! -Jamie B. Yooper Chick
  4. Split Hood I.D.?

    Will do. Thanks Pont35cpe! Jamie B.
  5. Split Hood I.D.?

    Awesome guys! Was 1937 the only year that the General Motors Truck emblems were used on the split hoods? We found another split hood in the barn haha same year? -Jamie B. aka Da Yooper Chick
  6. Split Hood I.D.?

    Here's another one guys! Split hood. Any ideas on what make model year might be? Thank yous! Jamie B. (Yooper Chick)
  7. Dodge Dart GT Hood Ornament Trim Pieces

    Thanks Keiser31, I'll see what they can do.
  8. Hey guys, This chick needs measurements and pics of top and bottoms of the chrome hood trim pieces that connect to the 64 Dodge Dart GT hood emblem. Appreciate all your help so far! Thank yous, Jamie B (Yooper Chick)
  9. Horn button Chrome?

    Mystery is yet unsolved.. haha The opening/top is 2" in diameter and the "connecting"/interior diameter is 3".
  10. 1942-1948 Chevy Steering Wheel Horn Ring Why so rare?

    Thanks. We'll definitely have to look for tissue box now Jamie Lee
  11. 1942-1948 Chevy Steering Wheel Horn Ring Why so rare?

    Appreciate all of your input guys! The horn ring sold for $541.99 on auction on eBay! I think we found an interior window frame and a backseat ashtray from the same car this horn ring was removed from. Boss says he had a tissue box at one point, but doesn't remember where it ended up... Guess it's time to start digging a little deeper in the junk yard. ha ha
  12. Horn button Chrome?

    Oh I have ways. Was able to get a little off the other day with one of my copper rock picks. Detail work though if you don't wanna scratch up inside too much..
  13. Horn button Chrome?

    So that's what that black stuff is from.. I totally thought it was paintfrom whatever the thing was previously attached to. Thank you. I may have to scrape the putty out at some point... lol
  14. Horn button Chrome?

    Keiser31 I think you're on the right track. Keep it up guys! I will have more to ID as we go through the barns, buses, vans and trailors packed with auto parts. Haha Thanks! Jamie Lee
  15. Horn button Chrome?

    Alright guys, here's one for ya. The only identifying thing I can find on this mystery is a 2 on the bottom inside edge...Was told it might be the chrome for horn button or a hubcap center detail similar to the spinner type. What do yous think?