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  1. 36threewindow

    1940 Running Boards

    I found that Home Depot has a rubber mat product called Rubber - Cal which comes in a few different patterns and looks just like the mats used in the 30's & 40's. This product is .130" thk and comes in different lengths as it is advertised as a runner. It is for indoor & outdoor use and the cost is half or less of the mat advertised for auto use under the same name. THE POWER OF THE HOME DEPOT. Good Luck Al T>
  2. 36threewindow

    temperature gauge capilary tube

    Thanks PLY33, went to O'reily's and although not on the shelf they did have a kit behind the counter with 4 different size brass adaptor fittings. The 5/8"nf x 1/4"npt fit right on. Thought this was going to be a nightmare - Happy Ending.Appreciate the help. Al T.
  3. 36threewindow

    temperature gauge capilary tube

    I have a 1936 Buick special coupe, originally had a 233 straight eight engine. Am keeping everything I can stock and at least Buick - I have replaced the engine with a 1965 Buick 401 Nailhead & mating trans. I am keeping the original gauges as the cluster is in great shape and just works so well with the art deco interior. My problem is the temperature gauge capilary tube has straight threads and flat on four sides and the tip sealed itself in the engine. The Nailhead has a female pipe thread (tapered) hole and the two don't mate . Anyone know of an adaptor or have an idea to solve this problem ? Thanks Al T.
  4. 36threewindow

    headlight replacement

    Pont35cpe, Now that I am finally getting around to the headlights(ya I am getting close to finishing it) can you tell me what brand/model# sealed beam headlight you used. The pictures show a nice rounded lens and all I'm seeing in the stores appear much flatter. Also was the inner black ring part of the 1962 - 1980 MG headlight assembly or was that from something else. Keeps on lookin better every time I look. Thanks -36threewindow
  5. 36threewindow

    headlight replacement

    Thanks Carl, I'll look for it. Al T.
  6. 36threewindow

    headlight replacement

    Thanks Tom, Those look great ! Anything special about the early 60's MG rings or would any 7" ring work knowing what you know now ? Al T.
  7. 36threewindow

    headlight replacement

    I have a 1936 Buick Special coupe and will be converting to 12v system. The headlight cans are in good shape but lenses and inside reflectors are not. I would like to replace with a sealed beam bulb rather than the expense of replacing original. Anyone done this - how well do 7" sealed beam s fit in the bezel - what needs to be done to get to fit. Help appreciated
  8. 36threewindow

    temperature gauge capilary tube

    I have 1936 Buick Special Coupe and the gauges are in great shape except it only has about an inch of copper wire sticking out the back and needs the capilary tube. Anyone have this item or know of aftermarket availability. They may be the same as other nameplates from that era.
  9. From a 1963 Riviera 401. includes flex plate, dust cover and what appears to be all of the passing gear/kick down linkage $150. Local pick up only Chesterfield ,Mo. Call Al at 314-956-9958 with questions or request for pictures
  10. 36threewindow

    New reproduction 1937 Buick grills

    Bob, Nice work. Wish you were making grills for the 36. I have a suggestion that may save you a lot of labor, There is a stainless steel sheet product called Stainless type 430 2BA Bright Annealed available up to 16 ga (.060) thick which has a surface finish that looks like a mirror. Actually it is used as a mirror in prisons and high schools instead of glass mirrors. This product may save you a lot of sanding and polishing. Also water jet cutting although expensive may give you a smoother non discolored edge and solve warpage issues if you are having any. This product can be supplied with vinyl protective covering to avoid scratches & marirng in laser and forming operations. The finish is achieved in the annealing process (don't ask how) and is not mechanical so the price is not jacked up for the labor. I don't know where you are loacted at but if interested let me know abt1969@yahoo.com Al T.
  11. 36threewindow

    White Wall Tires Cracking

    According to a few chemist friends of mine the anti-aging additive in the rubber compounds is Wax-made sense to me as it acts as a lubricant in the rubber. Many of the tire dressings contain Silicone which dissolves Wax. Make sure the tire dressing product you use does not contain Silicone. This surprised me as a product called Silicone Grease is advertised and recommended for dressing the rubber gaskets,such as door seal gaskets.Maybe no wax or different kind of rubber in gaskets.
  12. 36threewindow

    1936 Buick torque tube

    I have complete drive train from a 1936 Buick series 40 3 window coupe all for sale. Let me know if you are still looking for your parts and where you are located. I am in Chesterfield , Missouri 314-956-9958 Al T.
  13. 36threewindow

    1936 Buick Special Model 48 Victoria Coupe

    I have heard Classic Instruments in Boyne City, Michigan does this reconditioning work. I do not have first hand knowledge only pretty reliable sources. Th ere phone number is 231-582-0461 or 800-575-0461. Good Luck Al T.
  14. 36threewindow

    36 buick front grill

    I have a 36 Buick Special business coupe series 40, it came with an Aluminum cast grill and had no signs of chrome.The vertical bars are all intact but not real consistent in width due to not the best casting work. I looked at another grill that had much finer detail all around and much more consistant from one bar to the next it also ha some chrome on it although rough to the touch (its 80 years old). Neither grill has a part number and both have 5 horizontal bars. I read where the originals had 5 horizontal bars and replacement grills had 10 bars. I have seen pictures of both mine and the more detailed one. Does anyone know if Buick used two different grills that year - maybe the nicer one on the more expensive bigger models??? Thanks Al T.