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  1. Specifically looking for the depth of tank where the fuel sending unit fits,
  2. I have a 1936 Buick Special coupe and saw an add for a 1936 Buick (LH) drivers door lock assembly the add indicated it was for a 4 door car. Does anybody know if there is a difference in the drivers door lock assembly from a coupe to a 4 door model ?
  3. I have a 1936 Buick Special coupe with,like most cars of that time, a locking door handle on the passenger side only. I found a matching locking handle a wondered if the tumblers in those locks could be changed so both would work with one key. Does anyone know where to get the window / door crank handle retainer clips the ones I got from Auto Zone appear to small.
  4. Synchronizing speedometer This question ranges from 1936 to 1965 so I'm putting under modified. I have 1936 Buick series 40 3 window coupe which had the 230 ci engine and 3speed manual trans and have replaced that with a 1965 Buick 401 nailhead (rebuilt stock) using a mating 65 THM400 with switch pitch trans. Using the original gauges & speedometer and cable. The speedometer reads 10 mph at standstill with engine running and I,m sure off at all speeds but just got it to wher it is driving and only a few short trips while workng some bugs out. I know there is a gear in the trans that attaches to the speedometer cable can anyone tell me what size gear I need to change that too to bring it into sink with cable & speedo. Or is there more to it ?
  5. Tom, never could figure out how to attach the ebay add. Did receive the keyed handle and was in similar condition to my handles along with the decorative pattern being the same. As advertised and confirmed by your picture the narrow two sections of the shaft measured 3 1/16" we cut 5/8" off the narrowest end of the shaft drilled a hole thru the shaft attached in locking mechanism and now have 2 locking handles. The shaft on the new handle was .070"dia larger than original but did ot cause any problem in fit. We did have to drill a little wood(yes I still have the original wood frame doors) out to get the locking gizmo thru.. I think you nailed, it from what I learned the chevy suicide door handle shaft was longer as both the inside & outside handle attached to the one shaft. The pleasant surprise was the design pattern on the new handle matched my handles only difference I could see was chevy handle design may have been a little more raised. Surprising as everything else on the Buick seems to be its own style - unless my handles were from a chevy when I got the car. Thanks for your help, Al T.
  6. Tom, the narrow part of the handle shaft measures 3 1/16" long the drivers side door handle I have (un-keyed) measures 2 7/16" long. I will try to find out how to attach the original ebay add which shows the shaft and states the length of the narrow end. Right now I don't know how to attach to the forum response. Al T.
  7. great info, thank you. Just bought a locking handle thats been on ebay about an hour ago. It appears to be a little long but think we can trim it down and make it work. Finding the matching Buick handles ain't easy. Al T.
  8. I have a 1936 Buick series 40 three window coupe, which has one locking door handle on the passenger side. The locking mechanism on the drivers door looks the same as that on the passenger door at least externally. Would the passenger locking door handle lock the driver side door if I switched it over or if I found another nice locking handle ?
  9. We replaced the new switch with another new switch and tried 12v 3.8 watt (originally used 2 watt) bulb. Surprisingly the 2 watts were brighter but still cluster was very dim. We are going to try halogen next and see if that brightens it up. Al T.
  10. All good responses gentlemen - We didd run a seperate ground wire originally & have rechecked that, we also are using a new headlight switch with reostat dimmer for the gauge lights. Picked up a new headlight switch w/ dimmer today at Napa as we were having some issues with headlights (Napa switch appears to have more sturdy connectors than original) and will install that. To Pont35Cpe - Thanks for the pics looks great & exactly like mine. We are running new sockets & wiring using VDO 600-802 bulbs they are 12v- 2 watts 9/32 base because they fit. We are thinking that the 2 watt bulb may be the problem here. Can you tell me what kind of bulb and what wattage it is. Your lights look great. Thanks all Al T.
  11. I have a 1936 Buick Special 3 window coupe and am converting over to 12 volt electrical system and all new wiring. All the lighting is working well so far except the gauge cluster. There are 3 new -12 volt bulbs in the cluster, one of which lights the high beam headlight red light . The other two bulbs illuminate the cluster from 2 quarter inch slots one on each side of cluster. All three bulbs light but are very dim, the back face is a cream color but solid with no light coming thru from behind just the dim light from the sides. You can make out the numbers on the speedo but can't see/read gauges or odometer. Any thoughts appreciated Thanks Al T.
  12. Dave Tacheny is out of the stanless hinges so I'll be sending mine off for plating. Thanks for the responses. Al T.
  13. Interesting to hear there was a stainless clad hinge - I'll check with Dave Tacheny and see what he has. Thanks fella's
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