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    WTB: 1948 Chrysler Transmission kickdown relay

    Hello, New problem ---timing and low idle ---can't seem to coordinate. But to review: I think the cleaning and grounding of the trans relay -- may work. I connected all the wires and was twisting the 30 amp fuse hold down and heard the relay click. I did NOT take the top off the relay and clean the inside ---I do things very incrementally. Before taking the car for a drive -- I wanted to get the timing correct -and the idle set low (can't remember the number 800 rpm?) (i'll check the book). But after a warm up -the car loses the idle --it just drops and cuts off the engine. I can't seem to coordinate a low idle rpm and timing at the same time. Things I will check : vacuum and perhaps fuel pressure? Or do I need to rebuild my carb? Thanks in advance for the assistance, nick
  2. 48ChryslerNick

    WTB: 1948 Chrysler Transmission kickdown relay

    Joe, Heading to Pittsburgh this weekend. Will work on relay. And put the battery on the charger. thanks nick
  3. 48ChryslerNick

    WTB: 1948 Chrysler Transmission kickdown relay

    Hello, I finally made it to Pittsburgh and ran some tests on the Kick down relay. Also seem to have killed the battery --even thought the car started about 1/2 hour earlier. Details on kick down: Removed the unit and wire brushed inner fender well and all fingers of relay --- including cleaning/sanding the inner fuse holder. With all wires connected: Bat = 6.18 OHM Meter: SOL + TH 0 (closed) PRI = 6.18 PRI + Int 1 open INT = .93 TH = 6.18 SOL = 6.18 Then i tried to start the car --- no starting sound == tested push button --- works fine --then cleaned solenoid connections --sometimes the starter cranked ---sometimes not --- and then my battery died. My idle (with choke) is very high starting then toooo low when warmed up ---i was hoping to check timing and idle RPM before I try to drive and test trans shifting. Thanks in advance for the help. Nick
  4. 48ChryslerNick

    WTB: 1948 Chrysler Transmission kickdown relay

    Hello, Joe and c49er, Attached is a picture of my relay --- very rusted, unfortunately the car sat in a damp garage for 40 years --- it is grandma's car - basically never had the money to work on it. Over the past 5 years I have been doing one item at a time (gas tank, carb, master cylinder and brake lines, radiator). I may also need a solenoid --- last time I had it out -- after driving a few miles --(still working on timing) -- it stalled and would not start until it cooled down. I was a bout to jump it but tried the starter button one more time ----- It is a 5 wire relay --- I would like to replace it. "c49er" -your pics look exactly what I need. As for wipers --- I would like to use the newer Rain X or Bosch -- I would like to take a weekend drive and have (what I consider) better engineered wipers. I believe what I need is a fitting that will go over the existing wiper stud in order to use a newer wiper arm. This is the best picture I have, the car is in Pittsburgh and I live in Baltimore. I travel and work on it every couple months --but real close to having it on the road. Thanks in advance for you help, nick
  5. Hello, I have a 1948 Chrysler Windsor, 6 volt positive ground. I have the car running. Runs well in 1rst and 3rd gears. No shifting to 2nd or overdrive. My Transmission Kickdown relay/ Transmission feed relay is very rusted. Looking for sources to purchase --- or has anyone built a relay from newer parts? I am looking to drive the car --- don't care about showing or winning trophies. The car and I are getting old and one of us will be going first. This will be no weekend/car show only car. Also --- I would like to install newer windshield wipers ---not the original type --- any info on how to do this would be appreciated. Perhaps newer motors or splines or something. thank you in advance for the information. We had fun last halloween! nick
  6. Hello, I am starting to get my 1948 Chrysler Windsor on the road. It has a single reservoir master cylinder (from what i remember - it is sitting in another state). Is it possible to install a dual reservoir master cylinder? Just looking at a little more safety in the brakes. I will be installing seat belts too -- I am looking at really using the car -- not letting it sit any longer cause i am not getting younger. thanks in advance, nick