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  1. Hi, im trying to find a conversion kit to LED headlights for my Rockne or any for an early 30 or late 20’s studebaker thanks John
  2. Hi, Im in a need of a Wig Wag if anyone knows where I could find one it would be greatly appreciated. I know there is one on Craigslist but it is not complete and way to expensive. Please any help would be greatly appreciated. john Suiter
  3. Rockne33

    Wig Wag tail light

    Would you be willing to sell one or a pair? john (907) 982-5900
  4. Rockne33

    Larry Tholen

    Hi, im looking for contact info for Larry. Thanks he can reach me at john Suiter
  5. Rockne33

    33 rockne

    Mine is a 32 coupe
  6. Anyone know where I could purchase a good wig wag? I may have a 32 Rockne grill shell, radiator cap and grill shell tags for sale or trade as well. please contact me at John Suiter 32 rockne 32 s-c-1 Truck
  7. Rockne33

    33 rockne

    I’m looking for a rear window rubber for my rockne. Any leads or knowledge of what I could use? Thanks john
  8. Anyone know where I may get a rockne windshield hinge ? Thanks
  9. 33 Rockne hood needed. Thanks in advance. John
  10. Rockne33

    33 Rockne

    H, I'm desperately looking for rear fenders for my 33 coupe. I'm located in MA. Thanks for any help. John (907) 982-5900 33 Rockne Coupe 32 Studebaker Truck
  11. Rockne33

    4 Sale

    I have a 33 Rockne and a 32 s-c-1 truck. Just wondering the market value. Thanks
  12. Hi, Trying to to find a radiator cap for my 32 S-C-31 Truck. Thanks for any leads.
  13. Rockne33

    Large trucks

    Would you happen to have an extra Radiator cap for them?????
  14. Hi, I really need a radiator cap for my 32 S-C-1 Truck if you know of one please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  15. Rockne33

    1931 S-C-1 Studebaker Pierce Arrow

    Thanks for the info! I do have the front radiator badge as pictured but I need to find the radiator cap.