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  1. I have LOTS of Autopulse pumps that have been cleaned and tested.    Please contact me direct.   Rand Broadstreet   Email:  broadstreetltd@msn.com    Phone:  440-786-8141

  2. NEW!   Reproduction float bowl covers for Stromberg DD-3 carbs used on early 1930's Marmon 16's.   1 time only run.   Reserve today.   Vintage Carburetor Ltd.   Email:  broadstreetltd@msn.com   Phone:  440-786-8141

  3. BRAND NEW!  In the box, unused and ready to bolt on.  Purchased by a well known Packard man shortly before his untimely passing.  Correct for 626, 633, 726, 733 but will work on other years as well.  Save $1000 off of current price.  $3,000.  LOTS of other Packard carbs available as well.    Rand Broadstreet   Email:  broadstreetltd@msn.com    Phone: 440-786-8141

  4. Sthenos-Minerva brass 2bbl. updraft carb.   Type N.  Very nice condition.  $1,200.   Please contact direct.  Rand Broadstreet   Phone 440-786-8141   Email   broadstreetltd@msn.com

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