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  1. On 2/18/2016 at 8:19 PM, prs519 said:

    A year or two ago I sold a Corcoran tail Lamp for a Model T, to a gentleman in Ohio. I suspect this person can fill you in on the history of the company, etc., because, as it turned out, his name was Corcoran and he was a grand or great grand son of the original dude. He bought my light off ebay, so I also suspect he might have a considerable collection of the varieties, etc., of the lamps' evolution. If you will send to me your email address, I will attempt to open a line of communicationfor you. I am certain I should have something in my email sent folder. My email is prs518@live.com.


    Hey Perry,

    I think the Corcoran you are talking about is me. Thom. H. Corcoran was my great, great grandfather

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  2. On 2/14/2016 at 11:34 AM, Dandy Dave said:

    I tried searching but all I seem to come up with is a lot of stuff for sale. Not much Corcoran history or anything like a book of their products. I see their lights were also use extensively on Ford Model T's. Some of what I do find will not open. Would be nice to find a salesmen's book. Dandy Dave! 

    Sorry I'm years late to this conversation but I do have a salesbook from the Thos. H. Corcoran lamp company. No year printed but it has 21 models listed: each with body sizes, model name, extras available, and prices.  Thom H was my great, great grandfather

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