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  1. The Jeffery 1914 dash is different than the 1916 model, see photo, in fact they are many notable difference between 1914 and +1916

    I have  a copy of the Jeffery 1914 four part list book, and it shows one leverage to turn the lights on , dim , heads and off,  similar to the one on my original photo, but just one switch,  not two


  2. Thank you for your prompt reply. The switch was among a lot of parts that came with a 1914 Jeffery car I purchased. The lot included many parts for Buick, model T and others.

    The Jeffery has a similar switch but it is a single unit, see photo . I noticed that some parts of the Jeffery are indeed made out of Zinc alloy, impossible to repair!!!.

    I cleaned it but couldn't find any markings, I have attached another picture after cleaned



  3. Hello:
    can anyone identify what car the light switch shown in the attached picture belong to?
    It seems to be an integrated unit with two switches, one with "one and off" the other with "on, dim , heads, off"
    any help help would be appreciate it


  4. Thank you so much for your feedback. I want to restore the car as original as possible, that's why I am looking for this particular regulator.


    Is the list you posted from a Book or catalog? if so, can you please share more information about it?

  5. Hello:

    I am looking for a voltage regulator shown in the picture below. I was told that this type of regulator was used  on several cars, I need it for  1914 Jeffery four

    I would really appreciate any leads






  6. Hello:

     Here are some pictures of the car as it was pulled from a ga rage where it lived since the 80'. I still need to sort all the parts and pieces collected , there are many parts, not only for the Jeffery but other brass cars as well. It will take a while to sort everything





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  7. 37 minutes ago, edinmass said:

    Depends on head condition and a few other things..........its worth 25k as is.........add or subtract when standing in front of it..........fun driving car that has a good following, a club, and helpful other owners.....your not out in the cold like some other makes.....

    thank you, i do appreciate your prompt reply. i will definitely bid on it

  8. 17 hours ago, edinmass said:

    Looks like a decent car..........with a 50’s restoration. Too bad about the color. That tells you everything else you need to know. For the correct price, it would be a great at home restoration project. Interesting car when done, and drives in the 35-40 mph range. Not a car for a beginner! 

    what would a correct price be for something like this? i am clueless about Cadillacs

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