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  1. Wonderful. That’s a good bargain indeed.

    would it be possible to ship the item to Germany via United States Postal Service? Of course I’ll pay shipping.

    If that is a possibility, my parent’s address is:

    Christoph & Heide Brudi

    Sankt Martin Str. 24

    Vaihingen/Enz 71665



    Also, if sending it to Germany, please make sure to not over-value the item, as German customs will make us pay big $ to import the part. 


    I live in Tacoma, Wa., and will pay you from within the US.

  2. Thank you everybody for your feedback. Most of your comments address issues we already checked. Carb rebuilt twice because the carburetor repair shop that rebuild ours used faulty parts, and it ran worse afterwards.

    I suspect rings as well, as mentioned by one of you, and I think these can be purchased from Egge, unless you have other or better suggestions.

    Will check the timing chain - good idea.

    Thank you all again for your advice!


  3. Hello,

    Our 47 Super Six has its original engine, and many parts have been overhauled. Recent repairs include the distributor, as well as grinding the manifold so that it sits perfectly flat on the engine block & gasket. 

    Carburator was rebuilt twice, and we installed an electric fuel pump.

    Still, the car runs at approximately 3/4 of its original power. Without seeing and testing this engine yourself, I understand it is difficult to analyze - but I’m asking anyway: does anyone have an idea what might cause the car to perform sluggish, and crawl hills in second gear?

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions.


  4. Hello,

    looking for the trim piece that starts behind the rear passenger door and curves down towards the taillight. This is for a 1947 Hudson Super Six (4door). Any luck?

    also: I need to replace the speedometer cable and cable housing. The car is manual transmission, and the smallest of the six cylinder engines. Do you know by any chance if there are compatible cables, or where to find a replacement?

    Thank You,

    Cornelius Brudi