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  1. Hi All

    I recently purchased a vintage Ford amperes gauge that is pictured below. The gauge measures 2" x 4" x 1/2" and is in a brass frame. It was sold as being for a model T Ford, but I don't think so as the back is stamped British Made. Would appreciate any help identifying the year(s) it was produced and for what vehicle.








  2. Thank you for your interest. I currently have the tools up for sale on eBay. I really do not know what they are worth so I just plucked a price out of the air and am now waiting to see if I get any bids.  Joe

  3. Hi All

    Once again I'm asking for some help. Found this set of Boss Tire Tools at a yard sale but can't find any information on this set online. Looking at the picture of the tire on the box my guess is that this set is probably from the very early 1900s. Any information you may have on this set, or where to find some information would be appreciated. Please see the following pictures and thanks in advance.













  4. Spinneyhill


    The short arm with teeth is imprinted with the number 6, is captive as shown and rests on a spring that puts pressure on the arm. One long arm is imprinted 5L and a D inside a box. The other arm is imprinted14R-L. The other clamp (?) has the same markings except instead of 5L it is imprinted 5R. Hope this helps.

  5. Hi All

    I am a new member and apologize if I'm posting in the wrong spot. A few days ago I purchased some Model A Ford and vintage Dodge items that were in an old wood box.  When I got home I discovered these items in the bottom of the box and have no idea what they are, what they are used for or even if they have anything to do with automobiles. Each measures approximately 9 x 6 inches and do not have a makers stamp. Any help identifying them would be much appreciated.