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  1. This 1928 Chrysler Model 72 Roadster is an older restoration , compIete and correct. I have owned a lot of antique cars and this has the fastest acceleration and best handling of any I’ve ever driven from the era. This car can cruise at 70mph all day . It features the rare optional high compression “Red Head” 248 cubic inch six cylinder engine of 85 horsepower which is nearly as much as any American car in 1928. It weighs only 3000 pounds and other luxury cars with that much power weighed at least 1000 pounds more. It also had hydraulic brakes which were not very common in 1928. I used to own a 1928 Chrysler Imperial phaeton, also having a larger Red Head engine and this Model 72 is much faster owing to its light weight. Walter Chrysler had an amazing engineering team and entered a team of four Model 72 roadsters in the French Le Mans Race in 1928. Nearly all cars at Le Mans were usually European. The Chrysler race cars were nearly identical to this car.  Chrysler hired European drivers and in an amazing dramatic finish, a Bentley came in first, a Stutz second and two Chryslers in third and fourth, although the two top winners sold for much more when new than the lowly Chrysler. A month ago I drove this car at nearly 75mph for an extended length of time and it felt perfect. This car features a 90mph speedometer. When the restoration was completed, the odometer showed zero miles. However, the pinion bearing recently failed, although all differential gears are in excellent condition. In addition, it needs a convertible top made but top bows are included ( see photos ). This car had a complete restoration and runs perfectly. Before the pinion bearing failure, it shifted perfectly and the clutch was as new.   $34,500 OBO. Located in Syracuse, NY . Walteremiller@yahoo.com 315-432-8269IMG_4666.thumb.JPG.0ca735eeff149b78e059bc1041f6b4ac.JPGIMG_4667.thumb.JPG.66444dee15ba82b5c8b2799c589718ba.JPGIMG_4665.thumb.JPG.96cfd053dd369aabdf5c1f8cf568ee70.JPG











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