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  1. I'm in central PA, about an hour twenty north of Hershey, and everyone should know where that is. This is the frame currently. You can see that the part that curls up is pretty much gone, and the bottom is very thin. There are also some holes in the upright portion. This continues toward the front for another couple feet. The passenger side isn't quite as bad, but it's starting. What do you guys think? Thanks for any advice on this. Lots of working on cars, but this is the first attempt at a restoration.


  2. Here is what the car looked like when I brought it home, as well as a shot of the frame when I pulled it out. To get a current picture of the frame would require chipping the ice off the cover and that's not how I wanted to spend my weekend. The spot in question is actually on the drivers side but I don't have a photo looking that direction. The curved part of the frame behind the wheel is where it's the worst, although it does extend up toward the front a bit as well. The bottom portion of the frame is rolled upward in that section as well. Does anyone know what the reasoning behind that was? It's only next to the rear wheels, on the curved part. Strength I guess...I had a few thoughts as to how to go about fixing it up but maybe someone on here has done this already, or maybe I should just stay away, in which case, as a couple of you suggested, a new frame may be best.



  3. Hello all,


    This is my first post here, so let's see if this works...I've got a '47 Streamliner that has a pretty significant amount of rust on the frame. Most of it is just scaly but remains solid. There are a few spots though where I can break away pieces with my finger. That's not what I wanted to find. If the side rail is shaped like a "C", then it would be the bottom horizontal section that has the issues, if that makes sense. My question to you guys is: How much, if any, experience does anyone have with fixing this type of problem? I can hold my own with a welder, but am by no means a professional. Maybe it's not even worth it, I don't know... The frame sits out back under a cover, as well as a couple feet of snow at the moment, so pictures could be hard to get. I guess I'll go do some digging tomorrow morning after work to see if I can get some pictures for you. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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