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  1. Here is a pic, you will note the Aussie assembled RHD cars shared a plain straight bumper as per Dodge, DeSoto etc, probably made here to increase local content and a reduce Government tariff charges.

    You will also note the Clergy bumper badge, this car was bought new by a gambling Catholic Priest after a big win. He had to sell it 12 months after a big loss. Car was bought then by a small town country business who owned a Funeral Parlor, Taxi Business and a Panel shop! Car saw action in all three places, as a Taxi it serviced a local Army base transferring WW2 American troops to and from the local Capital city, Brisbane.

    In about 1985 the car was retired and given a body off refresh by the Panel shop, however all the window winding and door mechanisms were all shot due to taxi service which I repaired with great difficulty shortly after purchase. 

    I bought the car after being in their ownership for some 75 years and still going strong.

    IMG_7703 (4).JPG

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  2. Well..., Well !!....(as the famous Roy Clarke, guitarist would sometimes quip !) I sent the old girl off to my newly discovered nearby old timer bush mechanic, a knowledgeable guy on vintage Mopar cars.

    He zeroed in on brake shoe adjustment as his first priority and found that they were quite out of whack!

    He did his best to get them right without the Mopar special tool required to get the clearance and brake shoe heel and toe right.

    Hooray I have pedal, like something else not as hard as I would like but now some 100% improvement and car now stops pretty good!

    Thanks to all for all your input !


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  3. G'day from Oz,

    Cupla things....Thanks Yah'all for your interest .This started when I had the Master cylinder develop a leak, I found a "NOS ??"a re sleeved master Cylinder and had my mechanic mate fit it and bleed the brakes with a proper bleeding kit.


    Got slightly spongy pedal but it seemed to take up a long way down, mechanic re bled system, adjusted master cylinder push rod which gave higher pedal but to me still felt slightly spongy!

    So just a while ago after he left I fiercely pumped up brakes to a good'ish  pedal and pushed like "H*ll and was able to very slowly get pedal to almost the floor? Now it wont pump up very well at all *%#@^!!!........

    Now!............ I have checked under car, so far no visible leaks but I thought maybe the new hydraulic hose/s is, are swelling. They came from Argentina so maybe of marginal quality and swelling under pressure?? or maybe the re-sleeved Master Cyl is under question or push rod adjustment blocking return holes. I'm so bushed by all this and sadly looking at big dollars heading my way in a process of elimination.... HELP!!


  4. Hi all you Brake Gurus.

    My 39 Royal has recently had all Wheel cylinders and Master cylinder sleeved with St Steel, with new Hydraulic hoses too. BUT we cant get a pedal??

    Brake Cyl push rod is adjusted up and Brake shoes just touching drums. Been bled three times where should I first go next in steps to eliminate problem.?


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