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  1. Selling 1929 8 cylinder - 7 passenger sedan with 138 in. W.B. Car runs and is driven on tours and to local shows. Recognized by the CCCA as a true classic. Original continental engine with 66.000 miles on odometer. Email me for more details at knightnewt@gmail.com  Asking $22,000 US



    Ontario, Canada

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  2. I will get exact model number and body maker. Here is his original 1929 7 passenger phaeton. The family also owns a 1929  8 cylinder custom wood body touring along with 6 cylinder sedan and roadster . There is also a 6 cylinder 5 passenger phaeton in the area.  Beautiful cars 


  3. Hi Jeff the movie was a 1990 Canadian production called Lantern Hill. The first 2 to 3 minutes features the Peerless driving through luxurious neighborhoods in Toronto. Some scenes have Trippe lights mounted while the rest have none. The balance of the movie switches to Prince Edward Island.



  4. The owner must contact Classic Car Club Of America to have the car recognized as a Classic. Only the 1930-1931 Peerless Custom models are recognized and not the Master models. The 1929 8-125 model was put on the list only after my request about 6 years ago.

  5. Hello Doug 30 Peerless I am from Ontario and own a 1929 8125. Several interior pieces have been reproduced for me by Mike Butters out of Cobourg. He also did the work for Dan Johnsons 1929 8125 which was completed this year. Call me for his number at 416-786-2654

    John Knight

  6. The building on the south side of the tracks is part of Peerless. When jumping the fence to get in for a brick myself a local stopped me to ask where I was going. This man had no idea that automobiles were once manufactured on this site. 

  7. Hello Jeff


        It was certainly a pleasure to meet all the Peerless owners and see all the beautiful cars. The green 1929 coupe you asked about was restored by the Pistorius's and belongs to a chap from  the Bahamas. Not sure who the owner of the 1911 speedster is but it was most impressive. I have a copy of "Looking For Miracles" and another video called "Lantern Hill". The first 5 minutes of the movie have my car driving through high end neighborhoods in Toronto. 



  8. Had a great time in Cleveland this past weekend celebrating all makes manufactured there. My wife and I were guided around town and even visited what is left of the old Peerless factory. Peerless was very well represented at the show with a roadster,speedster, 7 passenger touring, sport coupes and sedans. There were several of us owners that were not able to bring our vehicles but it was still great to get together.There was some talk about a meet in Florida next winter or spring for any interested Peerless people.


    J. Knight

  9. Hi Jeff

    Yes my friend George is the Graham Paige collector and he has a spare continental 6 from a Graham Paige 621. He also has a spare 8 cylinder but it has a marine configuration. Surprised the chap from Australia never got back to me but for curiosity I will go and check that motor when I get a chance. Winter is upon us now 20 degrees and 5 inches of snow = no more cruises. Take care Jeff


  10. Hello Petemick My friend has a spare engine for a Graham Paige 621. Not sure if it is an 18ca but I will look into that if you want to do some homework of your own. My friend George said there were 2 engine sizes for Grahams in 1929. Just went for the last cruise of the year in the Peerless as the thermometer is about to drop.

    John Knight

  11. I was attending a flea market up in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. Ran into a vendor who is scrapping a 1926 Peerless 6 cylinder model. There is no drivetrain but he mentioned the axles and some body and chassis parts were still good. If interested call 905-985-9276 and ask for Eric before July.

  12. 218. It's official: the 1929 PEERLESS Model 8-125 is now considered a Full Classic.

    Jeff I was going to put together some notes and pictures for the CCCA to have the model recognized but discovered it had been added recently. When I was in Hershey I joined the club. I believe there are 5 other Peerless cars registered to the club which are all 1930-1931 years. Jeff what do you know about the 1926 boat tail roadster for sale in Oregon.

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