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  1. Hi David

    Believe it or not I am pretty sure they are stocked at Lowes in the hardware section.  You will find parts in pull out drawers.  I cant remember which drawer but they are there.  Also there are lots of other hardware items such as grommets, screws, plugs, and speed nuts.  A real goldmine!  Let us know if you find them there.  As I said I'm sure I saw them.



    Glenn McMahon

  2. Time for an update of a couple of engine paints that I've compared. While digging through the paint cabinet, I found a can of "Buick Green" that I purchased from Classic Buicks. I had a can of Detroit Diesel Alpine Green and Gord lent me a can of CARS Buick Green. Here's a picture of all three of them painted side by side on one valve cover. Left to right - Classic Buicks "Buick Green," CARS Buick Green, and the Detroit Diesel Alpine Green. The cans are behind their respective colors. I put the CARS green in the middle because of what Jeff says about the formula. One picture is taken on the bench using a flash, the other is taken outside in natural light. I did not mask off the areas, I just used a shield and painted Classic Buicks "Buick Green" and the Alpine Green from the valve cover holes to the ends, CARS green is in the middle.


    Did you by any chance look at the number on the Classic Buick's "Buick Green?" If not, here's a close up of it.


    Now perhaps you'll get why I put "quotation marks" around Classic Buicks "Buick Green." :rolleyes:

    I didn't have any POR 15 nor did I have any of Bill Hirsh's paint. If you used one of their colors perhaps you can tell us how you think they compare.


    Well Ed,

    The winner is?



  3. You can take the fiberglass box off the firewall from the engine compartment. From there you can take the vacuum actuator out and, if you're so inclined take the motor housing off the heater box and take the motor off of its housing - you wouldn't believe the amount of dirt that's piled up inside these things.

    If you had really, really long skinny arms with 5 or 6 joints in the arm that would rotate 360 degrees, you might be able to get the actuator out by removing the motor. But you'd never be able to get the actuator off the arm. I had no problems getting the box off the firewall.


    Hi Ed

    I found that if you soak the fan blower assembly a few days in paint thinner it will come out like new. All the rust and dried dirt just fell off mine. Thanks again for your wealth of Riv information.


    Glenn McMahon


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  4. Hi Gents

    The front drivers side body mount which is under the inner fender battery tray section is rotted away likely caused by battery acid over the past 50 years. I have seen different types etc on parts sites. Does anyone know what part # I would need or a description, size etc of the part needed?

    I had to cut the old one into pieces to get it out.

    All answers appreciated.


    Glenn Mc Mahon

  5. Hi Pete

    As strange as it sounds I believe the jack etc is to be visible. There are some good trunk pictures of the jack etc if you do a search. Also you will find it much easier to work with if you bend the cardboard on a sheet metal brake or something like it. You can leave factory color or paint it as some like to do. The wild card is LOL the elusive clips that hold everything in place. I am still searching for a set for the new cardboard which I have.

    Good Luck