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1958 Oldsmobile Wanted

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Hi All,

Yes, I'm the apparently 1 person left in the world who wants a 1958 Olds. I've wanted one of these for quite some time, but finally getting to a point where I can have one. This is what I'm looking for:

Either a Super 88 or 98 (no 88's please)

2 door sedan, 2 door hardtop, 4 door hardtop, 4 door sedan, or wagon.

Needs to run/drive/stop.

Must have a title (I'm in New Jersey so titles are a must).

Realistically, I can't afford anything that's restored. I work on cars myself in my spare time with whatever money I can scrape up. I've seen a few for sale here and there but they seem to fall into 2 categories: either too far gone or already restored. Would also consider a 1958 Pontiac.

Thanks for any help.


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Its a numbers matching south calif car. I have had the car for about 12 yrs. I started to restore it but have lost interest in the project(age and money) I put new side glass with new chrome from Auto City Glass . The car can be seen on Cars on under the Pontiac listings. It is still a project car. It runs good but has a bad hydramatic trans. It needs a complete interior and new exhaust system. I bought and installed a new wiring harness that is about 90 % installed. All the exterior lights work, headlights ,directional and parking lights. Brakes work good including the Emergency brake. Doors and trunk lock and unlock with the key. Rear Qtr windows need final adjustments to make it 100% water tight. New weatherstripping around all the windows. Bumpers need to be rechromed. Its an original car that has very good bones . If a guy completes  the car  it would be a $25-30,000  ride or more. Right now it is a good driver quality car. I bought new tail light lens and back up lenses along with all new Pontiac letters on the trunk. I also bought a re-conditioned original radio. It needs the power steering pump rebuilt because it leaks, maybe just seals but to do it right I would rebuild it. I have all the original wheels and hub caps in the trunk. The front and rear windshields are original. It will need a new antennae for the radio. it will need new wiper blades and motor installed. The original color was white bottom with a blue top. Its not perfect but its a good car. Check out the pics on the web site above, it has my contact info on my ad. Thanks for responding  Gary                 PS.....I will see if I can send you some pics on this site but I am not very good at these computers

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