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First Mr Hinson you give great advice thanks and as of right now our guy left the country and said he was going to go drive. That was a nasty thing to say. So hear it is(( THIS CAR IS NOT IN THIS COUNTRY)). 1923 ROLLS ROYCE PICIDILLY ROADSTER SILVER GHOST CHASSIS 346-XH ENG # 21-171 BODY # MR-67 the MR means MARIMAC the coachmaker. Police Report Carol Stream IL CS-8401547 Reported on May 7 1984 by JEANETTE T KANN my grandmother. I am not going to tell his name because he is still a victim in all of this how long he stays one that is all up to him. People can say whatever they want I have proof of it and nobody can change what the truth is a lie keeps changing but truth can never change. So thank you do what will with this info a letter telling the whole story with a timeline is going out to everyone i can find that has had any dealings with Antique Automobiles so i need your help tell a friend tell people who are like Mr Hinson people like him helping me will make this car be returned not beacuse the court's orders him but because everyone who is in this community of clasics cars will know that yes yours is nice car BUT that car is stolen. So thank you please help because as of today my Father has spent the last 9626 DAYS without his car.

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