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    Flathead six engine ID?

    Good question! 😁 . Will take measurements today.
  2. Davy120

    Flathead six engine ID?

    Hello all, Already tried the www.t137.com But no luck in finding more info. I have tried to e-mail the guy behind the website, but e-mail get's rejected. I also think it's an industrial engine, but I want to find out how much displacement etc... this engine has.Also trying to figure out if mine also has sodium filled valves, as I read that most Industrial flathead engines got them...Is there a way to see this visualy?
  3. Davy120

    Flathead six engine ID?

    Hello All; Can soemone identify this enginecode? Is it a Chrysler or DeSoto or ?? ... It's from my Dodge WC-51 which original has a T-214 engine but it came with this other engine in it. Has anyone got more info on displacement, etc...? Looks exactly like a T-214 engine...