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loose column

harry yarnell

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OK here's a clip of the site:<BR>From: Tom Walsh<BR>Date: 03-14-2001<P>What normally happens is there are 4 screws (inverted torx heads) that loosen up. It happens more when the customer leans on the wheel getting in and out of the car. Any good auto repair shop can fix this. To do a quality job the screws should be removed and coated with loctite. Their is also a way that some tecs will do a half a** job by only tightening 2 of the 4 screws. To get to the other two screws requires more time. <BR>To sum it up: <BR>1. Disarm and remove airbag <BR>2. Remove wheel (puller required) <BR>3. Remove Lock plate (lock plate tool required) <BR>4. Remove air bag clock spring (see manual for warning) <BR>5. Remove turnsignal lever, hazard knop, loosen and pull back multifuction switch <BR>6. Remove lockcylinder <BR>7. Remoce upper column screws <BR>8. Remove piviot pins (tool required) <BR>9. Remove the next piece of the column by pulling the tilt lever <BR>10. Now you can get to the screws <BR>It should take a shop 2 hours or less but it may be a bit much for some people. If you live near Illinois I can hook you up. Tom <P>Now... I have the same problem w/my 90 convert. but I don't think it's loose screws that have such a convaluded seuqence to fix. Gonna just have to live with it for a bit.

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