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Trying to identify 1930's(?) Sedan


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Klein Museum in Mobridge, SD, has a picture of a proud lady next to, I would guess, an early 1930's sedan. They would like to know what make/model/year. Front grille is tall , angled back from its center vertical post, somewhat like a prow. The grille is divided by horizontal bars into five horizontal sections of about 16 vertical grille ribs on each side. Headlights are mounted outside of fenders and look like they have the upper half of the lens shaded; the lens is held on with a chromed ring. Chromed horns are mounted below the headlights. Chromed front bumper "swoops" down where it crosses under the grille. On either side of the grille, mounted on the bumper, are crescent shaped, pointed top and bottom, bumper guards. Bumper and guards are decorated with two thin lines across the full width. Front license plate on right side. Hood ornament is flat on top and has a small pointed tail and what looks like a "nose" or "beak" pointing down over front of grille. Side of motor cover has three rows of 17 small trapezoidal grill holes. There is a single windshield wiper on the driver's side of a single pane, slightly sloping windshield. Roof center is fabric covered. Large front door has single pane of glass and exposed hinges. Probably has a rear door with a single pane of glass, but handle and hinges are behind the figure. Rear seat has small side windows with curved rear edges that match angle of slightly sloping, single pane rear window. Trunk protruding from the rear is built into the coachwork, opened from the outside. Tail light is on the end of projecting, "tublular" mount from the rear fender, license plate on end of left tail light mount. Front fender is round at its bottom front. Running board with protective rubberized tread connects the fenders. Black painted wire wheels with a 6 or 7 inch hubcaps that seem to have a slender "V" pattern in the emblem.<BR>Any help with identification will be greatly appreciated. Sorry I don't have scanner (yet) to send copy of picture.<BR>Regards, Ev Emerson<BR> eaeme@earthlink.net

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