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Mercury Zephyr with 15,300 Miles

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Found in a Junkyard,it was in the weeds, and as i got closer

It looked like a no.5.Pushed the weeds down, windows were

all up,the title was on the front seat with the key's

opened the front door, unlatched the hood, it was all there

but the battery,looked it all over again as I needed parts for

my Fairmont Futura.

Went back to talk to the Junkman and asked if I could buy

the complete vehicle,he said yes 100 bucks but I would have

to tow it out of there, Ok here's your money .

Went home got a battery with my brother stuck it in turn the

key and all things lit up the Gas gage read full, lubes

were Ok took the air cleaner off sprayed some fluid in the carb

and she coughed and it started no flats.baked her up and drove

it home Ha! The odometer read 15,310 miles on it, when I got it

home I couldn't believe my eyes on the condition, just about

perfect in every way.Let's see I figure about 17 0r 18 galons

of gas @ $3 bucks a gallon I got a good deal


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I rented one of them in Puerto Rico the year they came out. I was surprised at how it drove and liked it well enough. When I got back to the states I drove the Ford version and thought that they might become the "replacement cheapie" for the Falcon/ Maverick.

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Ok I'll take some photo's, I've been looking over the

engine components to verify what has been replaced

so far only the air cleaner and oil filter.

I called the original owners family, who said that

their granfather passed away and it was signed over to

their aunt when it had 9 K miles on it, she also past away

and was later given to a charity organization, but how

it got into the junk yard they didn't know.I also called

called the Troy PA.

Lincoln Mercury Dealer, since the Key ring had their name

on it, They could only provide me with the name of the family

that purchased it new.which is required by state law.

Will take th <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />e pic's


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Phil got the middle Z cleaned up so here is another one.

I called the dealer in Troy Pa.and he recall's the car

They have to keep records on all sales in PA.so it

was interesting to say the least, The manager said the

last time it was in his shop was in 99 and it had 9,800 miles

on it,

This MZ is basically a standard model with only AC, heater

Automatic, and back window defrosters with the 6 cylinder

engine <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />


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