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WOW the tapping noise is just about completely gone...


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ive been running 20w-50 in the car for the last two oil changes. i changed it about a week after putting it in got dark a little quicker than the non-detergent straight 30!

ive noticed the oil pressure is a bit higher than it was before, but also, within the last few days, suddenly that tapping noise is gone!

it does still tap intermittently upon acceleration at low rpms sometimes, but if the car is warmed up, so about 180 degrees or close to that, theres just about nothing. the thing purrs like a kitten. i cant believe it.

for one thing, ive been driving it a little more uh..."spirited" now! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> no no im not beating on it, i still intend to baby it but i worry a little less about wear and tear now that its not making noises. so much that one time after shifting into 2nd, once the revs climbed a little, i put my foot into it, maybe 3/4 throttle, and that thing got up and WENT! must be those 4.4's out back! i was really surprised. i probably wont ever do this but if i ever rebuild the engine i might one time--id like to, from a stop, accelerate to 50 or 60 mph, wide open in each gear, really winding it out in each one to get the most power out of em. i got a feeling it would really move a lot faster than i think.

like i said in its present state i will NOT be launching the car and banging through the gears.

just wanted to mention some success in getting rid of that noise! and apparently detergent oil isnt hurting one bit! 6686L made a very strong argument about his packard and having that sludge on the block wall right where oil got sprayed, and using detergent oil for many years, checking that spot, and the sludge still being there. that convinced me to try the modern stuff. interestingly, the stuff i got (Advance Auto Parts brand) is only "SL", not the newest one "SM" so thats good right, got those extra additives like that "ZDDP". i didnt look for SL but its kind of an added bonus!

hope everyone's enjoying the weather and their cars, I sure am!


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