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Anyone Interested in a wrecked 89'?


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I wrecked my white 89 reatta over my x-mas break. some xmas present, but the only real damage was a bent back wheel,broken engine mount, ripped off drivers side mirror, front drivers side fender has about the first foot cracked and missing. plus a few pretty deep scratches in the paint. the car has 120,700 miles on it or so. I change the oil in it every 3,000 miles or sooner, and have done quite regular maintainence on it my self. I got the wheel straightened, but it is 1/2 inch forward so big bumps cause problems. I got the engine mount peice welded,but it looks really good. but I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in it before I go through the trouble of fixing it up and finding a local buyer. If you are interested in it please email me an offer at pingping46@hotmail.com I would also trade it for a reliable ford 4x4 truck. I don't really care what year as long as it runs good. I just wanted to see if anyone wants it that loves reatta's before I sell it to someone who doesn't even know what they are. <BR>thanks<BR>henry

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