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Judging Question-Turn Signals and 4-way flashers - pre-war cars

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<img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> I am in process of restoring my 1939 LaSalle Convertible Coupe and am planning on adding concealed turn signals and 4-way flashers as follows:

Turn Signals - Rear: Each rear tail light originally had only one socket with a 2 filament bulb in each socket (one for tail light and one for brake light). I have made (to fit inside tail light housing) a test inside socket assembly with two light sockets, so that I can add turn signals and 4-way flashers in the second socket. Unless the tail light lens is removed, it will be virtually impossible to detect that there are 2 sockets inside.

Turn Signals - Front: We made an angle bracket just inside the side grilles with a left and a right separate light assembly. Each is about 3" in diameter and has an amber colored lens, although I am thinking that a clear lens might be less noticeable. These lights are behind the lower side grilles and are almost (but not quite if you look closely enough) invisible. When activated they definitely do the job as turn signals, even during the day. Another option would be to use the parking light bulb for turn signals, but doubt if they would do the job day or night, as are such weak bulbs. (My car has the original 6-volt headlights).

Turn Signal Control: I had a very large and ugly turn signal control that was on the car from the previous owner. It was attached to the steering column and turned when the wheel was turned (not what I want). So I purchased on Ebay a very small turn signal control arm and switch from a 1940 Cadillac, which can be mounted nicely and will be very small and hardly noticeable. In addition, it will not look "aftermarket" in any way, as it looks as if it belongs. (See attached picture of this turn signal control on a 1940 Cadillac). Also it will be mounted so that it does not turn when the steering wheel is turned. This control switch will handle only the turn signal filament (the bulb in second socket), not the 4-way flasher filament.

4-Way Flashers: The same bulbs (using second filament) for the front and rear turn signals will be used for the 4-way flashers. To accomplish this, I plan to install a small toggle switch underneath the dashboard. This will be a double pole - double throw switch. When in the one position, the front and rear turn signals will work as planned. When flipped the other way, all of the 4-way flashers will activate. I may want to install some type of flashing signal under the dashboard to remind me that the 4-way flashers are on. What prompted all of this was that I ran out of gas with this car about a year ago and had to pull off the road on a curve on a fairly busy highway and had no 4-way flashers, so it was not a good experience.

Both of the above wiring systems will be independent of the normal wiring and are strictly for safety reasons, as I do not feel at all comfortable in driving a car without turn signals or 4-way flashers. I know I can still use hand signals and at my age, remember them well, but the average driver today will not know what the hand signals mean.

My question is what type of penalty will be extended if car is judged? Are these considered safety enhancements if properly installed and concealed as described, and also considered similar to requiring a fire extinguisher?

Any ideas from others on how they handled this? Thanks.

Fred Zwicker


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From page 16 of the judging manual:

Turn signals and battery shut-off switch es

are accepted as safety items, so long as

the installation is done in a workman like

manner in keeping with the design of the

vehicle, using authentic wiring, and in

good taste.

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Wow, That begs a question from me vis-A-vis turn signals. On my 39 Chev P.U. I added, on top of the front fenders, parking lite bullets from a 40 Chev PU. I added them soley to have turn signals. They are VERY workman like, use period fabric wiring and a period SignalStat switch. However it does make my 39 look like a 40 since that was one of the few changes that year. I also added an additional rear tail lite on the left side for the same purpose. Would the car suffer a deduction should I show it?.........Bob

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