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Question 1930 switching from babbot to inserts

fred e

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Hi Fred:

It is possible to change from babbit to insert bearings on any engine. But, and it's a big but, the problem is finding inserts designed for crank pins of the same diameter, or within the undersizes available for the particular bearing. As well the insert width needs to be such that it either fits the rod, or the rod can be narrrowed to accept it. Also, rod and cap need to be notched for the insert tabs and the oil feed holes in the inserts may need to be re-drilled.

Sounds daunting, but I know it can be done. A friend had his '27 Paige (Continental 8 cyl.) fitted with inserts on the rods and mains. Needless to say, it's a machine shop job. A further consideration is the final weight of the rod and insert assembly - should be reasonably close to the original, but old, slow revving engines are less crtitical in terms of balance.


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One reason that you should give serious consideration prior to going to shell bearings is the life of the bearing. These old engines do not have a very sophisticated oiling system. One thing that babbet does is allow particals to embede in the material which keeps the material from scratching the journal surface. To properly run an engine with shell bearings you need a good oil and filtration system to make it last.

Have a nice day.

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Thanks for the helpful info on this subject as it stands looks like babbot for me. My car doesn't have a filtration system so at this point I'm sending my crank out to be reground to round and polished then heading to a babbot shop.

I will check in the discussion boards for a post thanks again you guys for the replies.

FRED 1930 Dodge DH 4dr Sedan, inherited from my grandfather Amherst NS Can.

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I did a search and found the long discussion I mentioned before. It was only in March this year.

Here are the details:

AACA - Tech Questions Forum

Babbitting of connecting rods


By Jon37

Hope this helps.

Manuel in Oz

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