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Electric Car - Unknown Make - Can someone identify it?

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I recently acquired some photos that had been with my late father. They are of my grandparent's electric car. I think they were taken during the period of 1916-1918, based on the age of my Dad who is in one of the photos. My grandparents lived in Haddonfield, NJ, not far from Philadelphia. Any clues as to the make of the car would be appreciated. I attempted to attach three photos. If you can't access them, send me an email at ford8n1952@aol.com Thanks very much. CarRobt.jpgCarindriveway.jpgCaronWashingtonAve.jpg

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Jonny; it appears that the car pictured is a Baker Electric of circa '07 or '08.... some intersting notes; it is chain drive which would pre-date '09....(except for the curved front side windows, the construction appears to be very similar to the Baker"flat front"of '09 and '10.... There is a real nice original now sitting in the Garden City Antique Automobile Museum on Long Island. It's former home was the Henry Ford Museum. (The head-lites appear to be later additions.). Hope this helps; regards; oldiron

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