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Reatta mechanic?


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Just moved to Palm Bay, FL. Looking for a good Reatta mechanic in the area. Also, are there any local places to get Reatta parts? Are there any meets scheduled in FL soon? How about Reatta clubs locally?

Thanks for any information.

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Yes, I too would love to know about any meets here in Florida....I'd love to know of a good mechanic here also. I have my car in the shopt today for BCM issues and A/C They keep saying its fixed, and when I bring it home I find that its not...Every time I bring it in, they say its something esel and want more money...


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From Delores(I think it's spelled differently)in an

email to me about a year ago.


I haven't sold her yet and taking my time. Saving up for another car so I don't care if she doesn't sell until next summer. My mechanic is Phil Bolton, his company is Auto Europa, one man shop here in West Palm Beach. Phone 561-533-0334, it's crazy I know it by heart. Anyhow, fair warning......he is extremely slow and you will not get the car back when he tells you as some crisis of some sort came up (not necessarily with the car) anyhow, I'm giving him my car this Monday and he has promised me my car back in 3 days.....we'll see, he always stresses me out but he's good at what he does. Anyhow, good luck."


1989 White/Blue

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This is great to know. I am having some trouble with my mechanic with respect to knowledge on the Reatta and how it works. As I type it my Reatta has been in the shope several times for the same thing (A/C not working correctly) and the bill just gets bigger and bigger because of experimentation.

Since I live in WEst Palm, I will definitely give him a call




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