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Looking for a 16V

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Hi, I'm sort of new to the forum.

I currently own an '89 8V automatic (Red/tan) and my father owns an '89 8V (Burgundy/Burgundy).

Both cars are in pretty great shape, though dad's is probably a little more "cherry" than mine.

Anyway, he and I would like to try and find a 16V is pretty good condition. Anything under 65K miles would be good, or if the car runs well and has had the oil changed and everything, that would be fine too. We're sort of meticulous. Anyway, we really don't care too much about the color... we sort of like every color they made and wish they'd made a few more (like navy or green).

We live in Mississippi and would be willing to fly/drive to purchase, but would like to evaluate the car by photo unless it's fairly close (<150 miles).

We're pretty open to negotiation and I'd even be willing to trade for the right car. Like I said, mine is not compltely perfect. It needs some VERY minor work at the body shop, but I just had a good bit of the interior restored, including a brand new velvet liner for the hard top, and the arm rest completely redone in leather. The color is an exact match. I put it back just like the original. I had all the electronic switches gone through and repaired and the lights repaired and that cost nearly $300 in all. The interior cost me over $500.

I also had a brand new exhaust system ($250) put on with the 2.5" pipes and High-Output Turbo cat converter and Muffler from Dynomax. I also put in a SMEC computer from an Daytona and a K&N air filter, so I'm getting around a difference in performance, especially on the high end. It's a beautiful car with no rust to speak of (the only exception is one of the few areas needing to be addressed by the body shop, but it is minor) and I think the best color combo, but that's me, and it cleans up immaculately. Oh yeah, and I just put brand new tires ($400) and I have the original rims and some super cool after market gold rims (they are the same pattern as the standards, but they're gold and they look HOT with the Rad/tan color scheme).

Sorry, I don't have pics right now. But if someone is interested in a trade or in selling their 16V, I can get pics and email them. Here's my contact info:

Phone: (662) 419-6226

email: oliver.box@gmail.com

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Thanks Jeff,

Yeah I saw it earlier, and it really does look tempting as a project car. New Jersy is a long way from Mississippi and I'm not sure I could drive it home if I flew up there. I'll wait and see how high it gets before the time runs out. thanks.

-Oliver Box

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Hi RebelDevil:

I've decided to sell my 16V Red/BK/Bk with 55K miles.I bought it from

the original owner in 2000.It's a California emmissions version,one of four.

It,s in perfect condition...body,mechanical and interior.The leather has

always been covered with custom lambswool seat covers and shows as new.

I live in Canada(125 miles from Detroit or Buffalo).Please email me at

fmdelaney1@aol.com for more info and pictures.

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