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Transmission Noise


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Update:<BR>I got lucky and met a straight forward, honest fellow here in Atlanta who knows his stuff. He knew a little bit about Reatta?s; he showed me a letter from another Reatta owner in his testimonial folder.<BR>He does no-cost inspections; turns out my noise was coming from my exhaust pipe tapping a brace. That?s the good news, the bad my pan gasket was leaking in several places and I had some other small leaks. He didn?t recommend changing the fluid or the gasket because it may cause more problems for me.<BR>Down the road I am looking at a rebuilt to the tune of $1000-1800. But, I drove away without dropping a dollar- how about that.<BR>I was there a couple of hours while my auto cooled down, and he was giving everyone top-notch service. <BR>The guy even has his mother working at the place.<BR>Phil Esposito a New Yorker, owner/operator<BR>Cottman Transmission: 770-980-1220, cottmancobbpkw@aol.com<BR>Fun thing I stated earlier I was going to see the doctor, little did I know on his business card it states, ?Your Transmission Physician?????.this guy is real<BR>He even changed the radio station so could read my book.<BR>Greg

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