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Hello all,

Since yesterday some people have had a problem reaching the website containing my 10 automobile articles. Some internal site glitch is sending them to a "login" page. This has been reported to the webmaster.

So, to reach the site simply cut and paste this link http://www.helium.com/user/show/112205

Do not click on it for now or you may get the login page instead.

Once again, the articles you will be able to see (click on) on the site include:

* The Lamborghini, The QE2, and Me 2nd on page 1

* How To Get Your Car in the Movies. 8th article on page 1.

* Behind the Scenes, The General Lee on the "Dukes" set. 7th article on page 3.

* The 'Godfather' Death Car 10th article on page 1.

* The Kennedy Death Car. 11th article on page 1.

* The 1956 Continental Mark II: A Rich Man's Car. 9th article on page 3.

* Tucker: The Car, The Man, The Movie. 5th article on page 3.

* Buying a Movie or TV Prop Car. 17th article on page 2.

* Al Capone's Bullet-Proof 1928 Cadillac. 12th article on Page 1.

* Improving Fuel Economy. 18th article on page 2.

* The 1933 Pierce Arrow. 7th article on page 1.

* Muscle Cars (my father's 1948 used car lot) 4th article on page 1.

* Also, "What NOT to Say at a Movie Premier" (this one barely mentions Rolls Royces, but it is a funny, and true, story also, especially the part about me sitting next to a gorgeous creature who is as nude as a jaybird up there on the screen!). 5th article on page 1.

I hope you enjoy a few of them enough to forward this email to other members of your club. And if you have any questions drop me an email at: TimothyBenford@aol.com

Once on the site, scroll down below the self-serving blabbering about me and my book and click

on any story or topic that catches your fancy.


Tim Benford

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