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Hello to all,

I thought members might enjoy some of the published car magazine articles I've written.

I'm a second generation car collector, and also an author and novelist.

They are all now online and free to read. The link is below the following list:

* How To Get Your Car in the Movies. Sixth article on page 1.

* Al Capone's Bullet-Proof 1928 Cadillac. Tenth article on Page 1.

* Behind the Scenes, The General Lee on the "Dukes" set. Fifth article on page 3.

* The 'Godfather' Death Car Eighth article on page 1.

* The Kennedy Death Car. Ninth article on page 1.

* The 1956 Continental Mark II: A Rich Man's Car. Seventh article on page 3.

* Tucker: The Car, The Man, The Movie. Third article on page 3.

* Buying a Movie or TV Prop Car. Fifteenth article on page 2.

* Improving Fuel Economy. Sixteenth article on page 2.

* The 1933 Pierce Arrow. Fifth article on page 1.

* Muscle Cars article. Fourth article on page 1.

* Also, What NOT to Say at a Movie Premier (this one barely mentions Rolls Royces, but it is a funny, and true, story also, especially the part about me sitting next to a gorgeous creature who is as nude as a jaybird up there on the screen!). It is the Third article on page 1.

Click on the link below (or cut and paste into your explorer search box so you can return again).


Once on the site, scroll down below the self-serving blabbering about me and my books and click

on any topic that catches your fancy. There are three pages of my article listings, including topics other than cars.

FYI: Actually the Muscle Car article is about the "muscle cars' of 1948 before anyone ever heard the term. 1948? I'll bet that got your attention. My father had a used car lot and anyone who bought a car from him got muscles pushing it back to his lot when it broke down, usually not far from the lot! It's a humorous story, but I swear on a stack of bibles that it's true and worth a yuk or two.

I hope you enjoy a few of them enough to forward this email to other members who don't come to the site as often as you. And if you have any questions drop me an email at: TimothyBenford@aol.com


Tim Benford

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I too, read some of your articles. I was particularly interested in your article on the Continental Mark II. I own a Mark II that I have done quite a bit of research on. In your article you talked about the Continental emblem being created 24 hours before presentation to Ford's Board of Directors.

In my travels I crossed paths with Bob Thomas, part of the Continental Mark II design team. He was the one tasked with coming up with a logo for the division and an emblem for the car. He related to me that it was 2 hours before the Mark II was to be introduced that he actually penned the design that had been floating around in his head for days.

Dennis Adler wrote an article about my '56 Cntinental Mark II convertible in the January 2006 issue of Car Collector Magazine. I submitted an article entitled "The Continental Star" which they published at the end of Mr. Adler's article. It related Mr. Thomas' recollections. His book is a strange and interesting read.

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