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My son who already owns a 1936 Daimler Light 15 Sports Saloon and 1936 Lanchester LA10 has justed purchased a 1946 Daimler DE36 limo for restoration and there is a rumour that this particular car was one of the vehicles sent over for the 1946 NY Auto Show.

I have been trawling the net for any archive material that may be accessable online for the 1946 and (and just in case) the 1947 auto shows but without success.

Any help and assistance in tracking down any info on these two shows would be gratefully accepted.

In return, if anyone has a query about any British classic, please email me as I grew up in the 50's and 60's when a lot of the popular British classics were still on the road in every day use and I owned and repaired quite a few different types during that period and haven't forgotten to much, despite nudging 59 years old.

The Lotus Elan was my favourite and I rebuilt an Elan plus 2 from the ground up in the 70's, so plenty of knowledge on this type, in particular.


Roger Callow

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My speciality is Indexing car magazines from cover to cover down to reg and chassis numbers etc its been a 35 year project (and unfornately my earliest that i go back is Late 1947 Auto car or The Motor) Currently providing info for Kiwi who researching Daimlers & Lancasters in NZ - Have you tried the Birmingham Library (which I understand is one of best Libraries in the UK for archive material) look to April -May 1946 Autocar and April -May 1947 Autocar- Look to The Motor aswell in the same period - but been a US show there might be only a small piece of info unlike the shows of Turin; Earls Court or Geneva

Cheers Julian

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