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'89 TC yellow/ginger/tan for sale-Project car

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Since I've had no replys I'm reposting this car. Nobody needs a parts/project car? This 2.2 caught fire last summer. Entire front is damaged. All plastic,rubber,soft metal and wiring under hood burnt. Windshield and part of dash also gone. From the dash to the rear bumper all OK. Soft top liner front section about 1/3, melted. Top is sootie but otherwise is fine. Seats are good, alittle plastic melted and dropped on leather but otherwise fine. I want to sell the car as is. The insurance settled and I have the title. This car can be rebuilt or serve as a parts car. If anyone is interested you could PM or email me. I'll give you my telephone number and we could talk. I have pictures before and of course now. Car is on Long Island ,New York. I'm asking $1,000.00 for the car. Parted out I'm sure would be more. Contact me for more details.

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