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Wanted - square drive u-joint

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Looking for a universal joint that fits a 13/16" square drive. I am trying to replace a repalcment joint on a 1907 Franklin - original Frnaklin joint long gone, this square drive joint looks like somethign from a PTO on an old tractor, perhaps. Any leads on where to look?

Tom Rasmussen

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Tom, I have two joints in the shop somewhere, both pretty good, but none that size (I think). I know that one is larger that your requested size. it has a square drive on one end (probably close to an inch)and a round shaft drive with a key slot on the other. I can take pics and send if you like. The other (as I remember is smaller and I don't think that it is square. But I feel both were pre teen joints. Jerry, jerdar@kconline.com

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