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Jumping 6 Volt Battery

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Is there a reducer available that would let me jump

the battery on my 52 Special with my 12 volt battery?

The garage where I keep it does not have electricity

and I'm looking for a way to get it going when I've let

it sit a little too long. Thanks

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Guest imported_JPIndusi

A reducer is clearly out of the question because the starting current is on the order of 250-300 amps on the 6 volt cars. A car with a good engine that has good compression takes a good deal of current at 6 volts to start. There is no reducing resistor that can work.

You can use the 12 volts directly and some people do, but you do so at your own peril. When you connect the 12 volt jumper to the 6 volt battery in the car you are essentially charging it with 12 volts when it normally charges with 7 to 7.3 volts. I have seen batteries explode under this situation. You also run the risk of burning out light bulbs or accessories with the 12 volt jumper battery.

I would recommend that the cheapest and safest way to go is to buy an inexpensive 6 volt battery and keep it charged up between boosting the 52 Buick. Most AID auto stores sell Interstate 6 volt batteries for tractors, golf carts and some other special applications.

You must leave the 52 Buick in the garage for fairly long periods if you need a jumper battery to start it. I try to drive my cars at least once a month and have found that this works really well.

Good luck.

Joe, BCA 33493

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definitely a good idea.

heres what i did once with my 87 cougar.

hooked the jumper cables up to the battery in the Cat. ignition in my '38 on, ready to go. negative cable to somewhere on where the starter bolts up to the bellhousing, actually the bolt would work fine. come to think of it dont hook the leads up to the 12v battery yet, close quarters, too easy to short em.

so, then clamp the positive lead to the RUBBER engine mount right nearby ( friggin useful!!!! gotta love it.) then hook up the leads to the 12v battery.

this really only works without two people because we're lucky to have those foot starters. reach over with one hand, if you can, and get ready with the throttle arm. undo the positive lead from the rubber mount. keep a steady hand, suspend it in the air near the positive terminal on the starter itself. touch it to it real quick and make sure the starter spins, all connections good. now rock the throttle, and hold it there so she tries to crank. then you probably know whats next, touch the lead to the terminal nice and FIRM for a good connection, try to maximize the surface area between the alligator clip and terminal. trust me she will SPIN OVER!

definitely is risky, and though the starter seems tough i guess maybe something could get overloaded. perhaps someone wiser than me (shouldnt be hard to find that <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />) can chime in on this. all i know is i did it once and it worked, and with a steady hand so you dont accidentally short stuff out, you completely bypass the whole through the battery and all the SENSITIVE electronics deal. i would hazard a guess that out of everything in the car electrical the starter is the most likely to hold up to 12v, especially for a few seconds at most. thats for sure DONT crank her more than like 5 seconds!

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I started my 38 , many years ago, when I first got it, the same way, with a very short 'pull' from a 12 v battery. It worked, ... maybe I was just lucky, but it started and no damage to anything on the car.

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I have seen what can be done to a car or battery when something shorts or a battery explodes maybe I am getting older but I am sitting here thinking no way. 2 avenues get a power inverter that will handle a 6 volt charger, plug the inverter into the 12 volt source, plug your charger into the inverter and ya got 6 volts or as previously suggested, get a spare battery and swap out. This is an expensive alternative but will allow you to charge the battery without having to remove it.

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When I bought my '49 it had a dying VW beetle battery in it, sometimes it started and sometimes didn't. After a while it didn't more than did <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />. During that period of time Buick was my daily driver and I had daily job. I had my jumpwires plugged to the battery and coming to cabin from window, my 12V battery was in floor and hadthe negative side plugged.

When I needed to start I just pushed positive to battery with hand and my leg pushed pedal... when it started just raised the positive from battery. Scary? nope, dangerous and literally flashy! Yeah!

Before my innovation I jump started from regular cars similar ways, put the helper behind the wheel and push pedal meanwhile put the wires on. Got all the helpers very happy to start old car and didn't even see the sparks.

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